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Hey there, I’m Scott, former Pittsburgher and current Chicagoan. I’m a founding member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association. Quirky Travel Guy is one of the most popular travel blogs focusing exclusively on North America. I cover offbeat attractions, arts & culture, history, nightlife, soft adventure, and more throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

I created Quirky Travel Guy as a way to document the cool things I see and do on the road, throughout all 50 states and with the occasional international journey, and to inspire others to move beyond their comfort zone, get out there and see the world!

About Me
In 2009, I left my 9-to-5 office job and set off on a four-month solo van trip through 46 states. I blogged daily about my journey as I slept in my van in small towns across America, enjoyed big-city life from Hollywood to New York City, camped outside with coyotes in Death Valley and spent quality time with friends, old and new.

I provide the perspective of the young(ish) indie hipster type who loves urban life but also enjoys small-town America and national parks. Since 2009, I’ve visited all 50 states (check out my post about the unforgettable experience of flightseeing on a glacier.)

Offbeat travel within North America is my primary niche, with a special emphasis on the quirky, unique sights that make a destination unique. Besides travel, I’m way into popular music, hiking, wildlife, sports, LGBT issues, and history, so you’ll see elements of those topics sprinkled into my travel writing.

lost springs wagon

I’m proud of the fact that every photo that appears on this site is mine, and I only write about places I’ve visited first-hand. Even if I never capture any photography awards, I feel strongly about avoiding creative commons Flickr images and sticking with my 100% original pictures. Hopefully the personal touch comes through!

I’ve been published on Matador Travel, AOL Travel and a few other places you’ve probably heard of, but for now most my travel-related content is going to appear right here. My current life goal is to continue to move beyond my comfort zone. For more about me and my past travels, check out the Interview with Myself.

For inquiries regarding advertising, press trips or other random correspondence, I can be reached at scott (at) quirkytravelguy.com. I am also a Chicago freelance writer available for writing or blogging opportunities, so drop me a line if you have a project I may be able to help with. I also own a handful of other sites, including Doggie Fetch, a pet product website that features reviews of the iFetch and other automatic dog ball throwers. Happy travels!

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  1. I was born and raised in the Rox…”The Bottoms” actually! Thanks for #62 in you list of 66 more things you love about Pittsburgh. It was a great place when I grew up there…sadly it’s not the same place it used to be. I wonder if I knew your cousins…everybody knows everybody else in the Rox.

    • That could be a good trip, but large parts of it are empty with little to see. If I did a route 66 road trip, I would be sure to schedule some side trips, like the Grand Canyon, maybe Roswell, Dallas or San Diego. I think it would be a lot of fun!

  2. My sister and I just finished a road trip…we started in Salt Lake City then headed to Craters of the Moon. Before Craters of the Moon we stayed the night in Pocatello, ID and happened upon The Clean Museum!!! We even had our own person tour with Mr. Aslett. I think you should definitely visit Pocatello and Don Aslett’s Clean Museum.

  3. Hi Scott….I read about your trips on Accuweather. The picture shown is of what looks like temples in rustic red, like bricks. Would you please tell me the name of this place and where it is. Below the picture, it reads, Top Travel News Stories of 2012. I am now reading all you stories.
    Thamk you

  4. Hello! Just found your blog, I love it. Looks like you’ve been to many amazing spots all over NA. I’ve done the cross-country road trip several times too, and I’m still going! These days I am doing a bit shorter road trips, but I get away as often as I can. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Do you have a follow button on wordpress? I may have missed it. Don’t check email all that often, so prefer to get updates in other forms (but not on instagram or google reader either, I may need to expand my horizons haha).
    Happy travels from a road trippin’ Canadian gal 🙂

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