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8 comments on “Photo teaser #22: Mystery skyline

  1. Aaak! You called an audible! My first instinct was, indeed, Las Vegas. But when you said “your first instinct is probably wrong,” I thought, “Oh, China has done a knock-off of NYNY in Las Vegas — which is itself a knockoff of the REAL NYC.” But, alas, I shoulda gone with my instincts. Once again.
    Thanks for posting these.
    Michele recently posted..A Patchwork Jumble Retrospective – 2011

    • Hmm, I like the idea of a knockoff of a knockoff. And then there could be a knockoff of the knockoff of a knockoff. The possibilities make my head spin!

  2. Vegas came to mind when I looked at it first but then I read your next line. Also, another look at the photo made me notice that everything was too close together — Vegas is more spread out. Haven’t been to Atlantic City in a while — could it be?
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Best of Travel 2011

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