8 cool places to go in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio was a city that really impressed me. It’s modern, youthful, trendy, quirky, and fun. From the slimmest wallets you’ve ever seen to a creative ice cream vendor to a massive bookstore (yes, they still exist), here are some of the coolest spots I found in Ohio’s capital city during my recent visit.

The Book Loft

Tucked away in the historic German Village neighborhood, the Book Loft has half a million books in 32 rooms on two levels. Pick up a map of the store, or just wander around through the rooms of books about politics, music, humor, history, travel, and pretty much everything else you can think of.


The Book Loft is open late, so it’s easy to get lost in the world of print and spend the better part of an evening here (believe me, I know.) The Book Loft is consistently voted the top bookstore in Columbus, and I’ll go so far as to say that it’s worth mentioning in the same breath as Powell’s Books.

The North Market

The term “indoor marketplace” doesn’t tell the full story of the North Market.


Part shopping mall, part food court, part town square, the North Market is a nice way to spend a couple of hours.


north market food

Food is a big part of the North Market, with all sorts of ethnic restaurants and various stands offering everything from barbecue to ice cream. My favorite spot was an “Organic Greenfix” stand giving out free samples of an energy juice. Lately I’m all about the health benefits of juicing, so seeing how they made their juices (kale, spinach, dandelions, lettuce, apples and banana) was enlightening.

Jeni’s ice creams

The best ice cream in Columbus comes from Jeni’s, which offers a slew of interesting flavors. The pistachio & honey, whiskey & pecans, and wildberry lavender were tempting, but I went with a three-scoop cup of Ugandan vanilla bean, something peanut buttery, and “the milkiest chocolate in the world,” which just might have lived up to its name.


Jeni’s has scoop shops around the city, but I suggest checking out the one on High Street in the Short North, the coolest neighborhood (among many) in town.


Zer0z will make you completely re-evaluate your life. Or at least your billfold. I’ve been known to possess a George Costanza wallet from time to time, but the folks at Zer0z have created sleek little wallets, just big enough for 10 cards and your bills. Perfect for a minimal lifestyle.

Zer0z wallets

Look at the size of this Zer0z wallet compared to my old one. Finally, a wallet made for the pockets of tight pants!

wallet comparison

The wallets come in various colors and styles, and they stitch them on-site at the downtown store.  People have been so drawn to the slim concept that they often leave their old wallets behind when they purchase one of these. This is a pile of actual discarded customer wallets. Amazing!

discarded wallets


The quest for awesome thrift store t-shirts is a neverending one, and it took me to Rag-O-Rama in Clintonville. Normally, if I come out of a store with a single garment of clothing, I consider the trip successful. Miraculously, at Rag-O-Rama I actually found four different shirts that I immediately needed to own.


Also worth mentioning is Flower Child, a vintage store in the Short North with some amazing retro furniture and clothing. Best item for sale: a Kermit the Frog telephone from the ’70s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger statue

arnold schwarzenegger statue

As I mentioned a few weeks back, the Arnie statue sits outside the Veterans Memorial. Eight feet tall, the bronze figure serves as a reminder of the annual Arnold Sports Festival in the city. The Schwarzenegger statue is conveniently located near some other popular sights, so after spending a few minutes posing with the Governator, cross the street to the Cosi science center, or walk along the banks of the Scioto River.

Harvest Pizzeria

harvest pizzeria

Located not far from the Book Loft, the Harvest Pizzeria is another German Village hotspot, a cozy restaurant with an attached bar. They’re big on using local ingredients. I went with the Ohio double bacon pie with mozzarella, roasted red pepper and oregano. I loved those fluffy homemade crusts and enjoyed checking out a couple random selections from their beer list.

Dinin’ Hall


Food trucks are always cool. It’s especially clever that a bunch of trucks congregate in Columbus in a vehicle food court of sorts. From 11 to 2 on weekdays, stop by and pick and choose items from whichever trucks you like, then eat in a cafeteria setting. Daily offerings change but there’s always some good variety, from burger trucks to crepe stands. I know a lot of cities where this sort of setup would be a welcome addition to the workday lunch scene!

Would you visit any of these cool Columbus places?

Note: My visit to Columbus was made possible by Experience Columbus, with thanks to the Renaissance Hotel.


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  1. Nice post about Columbus Scott. But, you missed a few things too… There is the awesome park in Dublin with all of the giant corncobs (see http://lessbeatenpaths.tumblr.com/post/41796044208/sam-and-eulalia-frantz-park-corn-cob-park) and then there is the great Schmidt’s Sausage House (see http://www.schmidthaus.com/). Finally, let’s not forget the Original Wendy’s Restaurant on East Broad Street… Just sayin’…. Keep on posting that great stuff Scott!!

      1. Ha!! You got me on the Wendy’s. there is a historic marker there though.

        The sites you visited were cool! But if quirky is what you want, the corn cob park rocks.

        As a fellow travel blogger, i do understand time constraints and I am sure you had to be choosy.

  2. Awesome list. Thank you! I can only name one place NOT to go in Columbus: my mother-in-law’s house. I’m always looking for a place to escape. Now I have several places to go. Thanks again!

  3. Listing North Market AND Jeni’s is redundant. Strike Jeni’s and add something bigger/broader/bolder, i.e., the gorgeous State House, Scioto Mile, Easton, Short North, CMA, or the Wexner Center–just to name a few. Enough of Jeni’s!

    1. Jeni’s is original, not redundant. State House? Every state has one. Scioto Mile? Every city with a river has a waterfront park. Short North? Great, but all cities have a cool district. CMA? Art museums every where. Easton? Its a mall. Nothing more redundant than a mall. Wexner Center? Again, every city has this.

      Jeni’s is unique because it is local and a product of Columbus.

      1. Every city has an ice cream shop, too, using your logic, Ryan. My point was that Jeni’s is part of North Market which was already a call out. I think there could have been another feature/must see/# with Jeni’s mentioned in the North Market section of the article.

        1. I think Jenis is more than ice cream. It is representative of Columbus, local success. If I have visitors to town, we won’t just go get ice cream, we get Jenis.

          Likewise, Jenis is not nearly representative of what north market is as a whole.

  4. As a former Columbus resident, I loved this list. I tell anyone who will listen to visit the BookLoft when/if they find themselves in Columbus. There were probably one too many early Sunday afternoons that turned into Sunday evenings while I was perusing their book selection. I haven’t been in years and REALLY need to go back.

    I loved the North Market too. Before I moved away I didn’t live far from there.

    I didn’t know about the Zer0z wallet place…I’ll have to check it out the next I visit. Thanks for the great list!

  5. So cool of you to visit Cbus! Jeni’s and The Book Loft are definitely Cbus staples; and my Zeroz wallet is my favorite wallet ever (until I try shoving more cards in it than I should).

    Be sure to check out more stores in the Short North next time. The best in men’s fashion is found at Milk Bar Boutique and I’d also recommend checking Late Night Slice for some bomb pizza (and of course, get the ‘slut sauce’).

    If you do make it back to Columbus, check out Creekside Live @ 5 in Gahanna.

    And one more thing, the local music scene in Cbus is so really something to see. Check out Rumba Cafe as there’s usually really good performers there like The Floorwalkers or Joey Hebdo.

    1. Thanks for the tips, Matt! I did not get to check out any music in Columbus but it’s usually something I try to do, so hopefully next time I’ll have a chance. I also missed out on the slut sauce. I think I’m building up a nice list of activities for the next trip.

  6. PEOPLE. This list is fine. Write your own list on your own website if you think something was left out. I’m glad the ridiculous Arnold statue got a mention; it’s an underutilized conversation piece.

  7. If the peanut buttery flavor in your trio had chocolate bits in it, you were tasting The Buckeye State.

  8. It’s a sad fact that if you lived on Ohio State’s campus you grew to hate tow trucks. These asshats drive around every weekend night looking for a quick $200. I’ve lived in a lot of places, but Columbus has been the worst when it comes to these clowns.

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