A paddling adventure in the Toronto Harbor Islands

Before visiting Toronto, I had no idea that an island paddling adventure was possible within the city. And then there I was, slowly drifting away from the mainland, with the CN Tower and the rest of the skyline growing smaller in the distance.

toronto paddle islands

Up ahead were the Toronto Harbor Islands, a chain of islands across the harbor from the city. It took less than an hour to go from the heart of the city to what felt like an entirely different world over in the islands.

The waters were calm and provided a sense of peace and connection with nature.



Taking a Toronto paddling tour

My tour was part of a group canoeing excursion with Paddle Toronto. Check out their website – they organize group kayak and canoe tours.

In our case, they gathered us together, provided some basic instruction and introduction to the islands (and life jackets), and then we set off together on the journey.


The best thing about paddling to the islands is that you can explore crevices along the shores that you could never otherwise get to.



Have you ever done any paddling before?

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