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Quirky Travel Guy is one of the longest-running travel blogs. The site debuted in January 2011 and has built up a dedicated readership of folks interested in the site’s fun, offbeat spin on travel. The blog is promoted heavily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and various other social networks.

Author Scott Shetler is an experienced journalist and Seattle-based writer who has been published on Travel + Leisure, Washington Post, Viator, AOL Travel, Yahoo, Eagle Creek Travel Blog, Matador, and many other sites.

Scott has been interviewed as a travel expert by Travel & Leisure magazine, Canada’s CTV, and Britain’s BBC Radio, and his photography has been featured on the Travel Channel.

For advertising inquiries, such as banner ads or sponsored posts, contact Scott via email at scott (at)


As of July 2022, Quirky Travel Guy receives more than 200,000 page views per month. The majority of Quirky Travel Guy‘s audience is from the United States and Canada, then the U.K., Mexico, Australia, Germany, France, the Philippines, and Cuba(!), and several other European countries.

My audience is generally between the age of 25-45, with an even male-female split and a sizable LGBT readership.

Among the topics covered on the website:

  • Offbeat attractions
  • Museums, arts and culture
  • Food, nightlife and neighborhoods
  • Interesting historic sites
  • Solo travel and outdoor adventures
  • National parks & road trips
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Press Trips / Sponsorships

Quirky Travel Guy is always willing to consider sponsored trips to destinations that complement the theme of the site. I cover everything from national parks to urban adventures to small-town life, taking a special interest in fun and offbeat attractions around the world.

For me, every trip is a big deal, and that’s reflected with far more in-depth coverage than you’ll see on many other travel blogs. I’ll deliver as many articles as it takes to cover all the cool things about your city or state. Many of the places I visit are given the Featured Travel Destinations label, which means a minimum of four in-depth articles about the region, plus a handful of additional posts under the Quirky Attractions banner.

If it’s a really special destination, I may be willing to devote an entire month of coverage, as I did when I published more than 20 posts from Alaska – the most complete coverage of the state ever seen on a travel blog.

I will write honestly about your destination and do my best to put a fun spin on the biggest attractions and to seek out cool places that my readers would be interested in, which are often under-the-radar spots.

If you’re interested in working with Quirky Travel Guy, drop me an email!

To contact Scott regarding advertising, sponsorships, press trips or partnerships, email [email protected].

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