Albuquerque, my future home

Hey yinz guys, guess what? I’m moving to Albuquerque! Probably. Eventually. It may not be for another 20 years or so, but I’m pretty sure I’ll eventually call the largest city in New Mexico my home.

Of all the places I went on my 2009 summer road trip, Albuquerque was the one that surprised me most. I fell in love with the town and discovered why it’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.

The city boasts affordable housing, fantastic weather (330 days of sun per year, with small amounts of snow in the winter to keep things interesting), a large green movement and progressive atmosphere, a vibrant university neighborhood, surprisingly good nightlife, great nature (the Rio Grande River and Sandia Mountains), a nice amount of Mexican and Native American culture, and lots of good concerts (the city is on the road between Austin and L.A. so traveling bands play there a lot). Should I keep going?

albuquerque neighborhood

rio grande albuquerque

albuquerque house

albuquerque masks

albuquerque speed limit

albuquerque street

Do you have a favorite city that you’re dying to live in someday?

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  1. I was born in New Mexico(Artesia). We moved away from area when I was a child (military brat) and I need to visit more. You inspire me. (My next trip is to Michigan (UP) and then to Oregon. I am always open for suggestions!

    1. I’m glad I brought back some memories for you, Tilly. I just got back from Indianapolis, which is a surprisingly cutting edge city that I would recommend. The Badlands/Black Hills/Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is also a fun spot if you’ve never been there! And for outdoor activities Denver and the Rocky Mountains are always great.

  2. We visited Albuquerque in the RV and thought it was a neat city… until a dust storm painfully hurled sand at every inch of our exposed skin! Okay, it was exciting, but I certainly wouldn’t want to experience that on any sort of regular basis.

  3. speed limit of 18 – really?? I don’t think my car can go that slow unless it is in a school zone.

    Flagstaff, AZ for me. Or Galveston, TX. But I bet I spend the rest of my days right where I am.

      1. Early in our marriage I often told my husband that South Carolina sounded like the perfect place – emphasis on the word “South”. We ended up in South Dakota – I think he was only half listening!

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