April links: Wyoming, whales, and wheeled houses

A sampling of interesting stories from the travel writing world in April.

Lost Springs, Wyoming no longer has a population of 1 after the latest census.

Yahoo News: Wyoming town’s four residents counted after snafu
Remember when I wrote about my visit to Lost Springs, Wyoming, the town with one person? Well, the new census results came in, and Lost Springs now officially has four residents. These people should be careful what they wished for – nobody will want to visit now that the town has lost the novelty of having just one resident.

A new one-person town has cropped up, though: Monowi, Nebraska. I’ll be sure to stop by and provide a report the next time I pass through!

And by the way, thanks, Yahoo News, for using the word “snafu” in your headline. I haven’t heard that word in probably 15 years. Well done.

The Roamantics: Buying a creen house on wheels
I love hearing about people’s efforts to buy road trip vehicles. This Chinook is an epic ride with levels of comfort and spaciousness I could only dream about, compared to my modest Chevy G-20.

Land Lopers: Seven habits of highly ineffective travelers
Matt at Land Lopers put together a clever piece about poor travel practices. My favorite? Distrust new food; stick instead to the McDonald’s and KFC you’re used to.

Cruise Surfingz: The art of couchsurfing
Every good traveler knows about couchsurfing by now. Cruise Surfingz has probably the most complete couchsurfing guide around, a nine-part series they started last year. This month, they published the final article, “How to find a couch awesomely.”

Most of my friends are couchsurfers. When I moved to Chicago and didn’t know anybody, I started attending local CS meetings and built up a social network. The types of people who participate in CS are the kinds of people you want to be friends with.

My whale-watching efforts failed big-time.

San Diego Uptown News: Whale watching in Baja California Sur
This describes some amazing whale watching trips where you can sometimes even touch the whales. Crazy! Contrast that with my colossal failure trying to see whales in Washington two years ago, and I am quite envious.

Budget Travel Adventures: 5 ways to travel at home
A great reminder that even if you’re not traveling, you can behave as if you are, by exploring the sights of your own town.

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4 comments on “April links: Wyoming, whales, and wheeled houses

  1. scott thanks so much for including me/the chinook here! happy to be in such great company. 🙂 the thing that had me giggling, and thinking that we may be seen as two odd birds of a feather ;), is how you refer to the chinook as spacious- and that i agree! it’s amazing how a super-efficient space plan can make a 6X9 foot space feel that way once you’ve adjusted to a small space mindset, but i know a lot of my friends think i’m nuts for wanting to move into something smaller than most bathrooms 🙂 LOL. and love the one-person town info here! gosh, i’d have a million questions for the only people living somewhere. who works at the places they have in the towns? interesting infrastructure challenges for sure!
    Lorna – the roamantics recently posted..Donating My Hair in Honor of a Friend on Earth Day

    • No problem, Lorna! The 1-person town in Wyoming had a bunch of other small towns around it, so that’s how they could support their businesses.

      And I’ve always thought small spaces are cool – it’s the cozy factor, I think.

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