Quirky Attraction: Arnold Schwarzenegger Statue

arnold schwarzenegger statue

Arnold Schwarzenegger Statue
Location: Columbus, Ohio (At the Veterans Memorial, 300 W. Broad St.)
When to visit: Anytime
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 5-10 minutes
Website: www.dispatch.com (unofficial)

Most famous statues and monuments do not depict their subject wearing only a skimpy speedo. That’s just one of the things that makes the tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger unlike other statues.

The eight-foot tall bronze likeness depicts the Governator back in his bodybuilding days. It was dedicated in 2012 for the Arnold Sports Festival.  Arnold himself showed up for the unveiling, and yes, he promised, “I’ll be back.”


Why would the city of Columbus want a statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger, you ask? Well, besides the fact that YOU NEVER NEED A REASON TO HONOR ARNOLD, Columbus was the scene of his first big athletic triumph. Schwarzy (that’s his new nickname) won the 1970 Mr. World bodybuilding title there, defeating the previously unbeatable Sergio Oliva. Later, he brought the Arnold Sports Festival to Ohio’s capital city, where it has remained for more than two decades.


The statue itself really captures that typical musclehead look, the one I don’t think anybody believes is attractive. Arnold’s muscles are revealed in all their sinewy detail, his arms bulging and veins popping. Have some fun posing with Arnold the next time you’re in Columbus.


arnold statue face

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  1. That’s slightly disturbing! There’s actually a local legend that Mr. Schwarzenegger lived in the neighbourhood of east London where I grew up when he was a teenager before he moved to the US. Apparently he used to lift weights at the end of my mum’s street. Not sure if it’s true!
    Sam recently posted..100 Days of Travel

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