August Links: Vegas, Kentucky and Cee Lo Goes Green

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August was a cool month in Quirky Travel Guy land. I just returned from a weekend visit to Minneapolis-St. Paul, which I’ll be writing about starting on Monday when the Twin Cities serve as my September Featured Travel Destination. That quick turnaround isn’t always possible with the format of my site, but it’s awesome when it works out.

If you’re following me on Instagram (handle: @quirkytravelguy), you’ve had a sneak peek at some of the coolest sights already. Like a beauty queen’s head carved out of butter at the Minnesota State Fair. And some good stuff from the city Sculpture Garden.

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Also last week, I made a television appearance via Skype as a budget travel expert on CTV in Edmonton. One of my half-serious long-term goals has been to become one of the talking heads on news and entertainment shows, so I was excited to appear on the program to discuss creative budget travel options.


Some of the ideas I mentioned in the segment were Craigslist ride shares, becoming a driver for companies that move vehicles across the country, and volunteering to get bumped from full flights to stock up on travel vouchers. It was a fun piece and I think that very soon I’m going to write an entire post fleshing out those ideas and others.

Now let’s get to some of the great stuff I’ve been reading from around the travel writing world in August.

Featured personal link:

By the time I get to Arizona: My one-man boycott of the Grand Canyon State

I thought I would get more comments disagreeing with my Arizona stance, but most readers seemed to have my back. If you haven’t already, give it a read and feel free to share your thoughts either way. As I noted in the piece, I’m not a big boycott person and don’t necessarily hope to create some big organized movement. It’s just that the thought of traveling to Arizona right now makes me feel icky, so I’m not going.

August travel links of interest:

Legal Nomads: How to Add Some Excitement to Your Travel Day

This sounds like something I would do. Jodi heads to JFK in plenty of time to catch her flight. Except her flight is actually leaving from LaGuardia. Oops! Hilarity ensues.

Ordinary Traveler: San Diego Summer in Photos

Nobody captures San Diego like Christy and Scott of Ordinary Traveler, who posted a great photo essay of the beaches, food and sunshine of the city. They even took many of the pics with an iPhone, which shows that it’s possible to get great shots with a phone. Sadly, my Android phone just doesn’t measure up!

Leah Travels: Three Reasons Why I Love Las Vegas

I haven’t decided how I truly feel about Las Vegas yet. I’ve only been once, and that was a really short trip in which I gave myself all of $10 to gamble with. So I can’t wait to go back for a proper visit. Leah makes a convincing case for the city. I’m still way more comfortable at nickel slots than blackjack, but maybe Leah’s blackjack guide can help me out.

las vegas main street

Over Yonderlust: Louisville, Kentucky: I like to be surprised

If there’s one thing I learned from my first big road trip, it’s that often the coolest cities are the ones you don’t expect (hey there, Albuquerque!) Erica found some unexpected fun in Louisville and did a great job of capturing the feel of the city with a nifty set of photos. Louisville has been on my radar for a while; this post reinforces that I must visit soon.

Groove Traveler: Best American music festivals

This one’s for the music fans. I typically see more than 100 bands play live every year, thanks to festivals like Lollapalooza and Pitchfork. Groove Traveler has a rundown of the biggest U.S. fests, like Bonnaroo, Coachella and Austin City Limits. I’ll handicap the big ones: Coachella usually has the best lineups, Bonnaroo the coolest vibe, and Lollapalooza the coolest urban setting.

Green Global Travel: Cee Lo Green launches GreenHouse Foundation

The man behind the most awesome expletive-filled pop song of 2011 has a warm and fuzzy heart. Cee Lo launched a green initiative for the youth of Atlanta, and Green Global Travel was there to interview him about the project. Who knew the guy in the bizarre costumes is such an environmental advocate?


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  1. Thanks for including me in your roundup, Scott. You’ve also given me some additional reading material. Give Vegas another shot. You don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy it, although it does help. Turn that $10 into $10,000! Ahhh…it’s the stuff of legends. 🙂
    Leah Travels recently posted..Fall Girl

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