Keep Austin Weird: Offbeat Activities in the Texas Capital City With the Unusual Slogan

When I visited Austin for the first time, I was a little surprised how un-weird the city was. “Keep Austin weird” is the popular local slogan, after all.

In looking over my photos, I realized that some were weird, but most were totally normal. Some pics, of the capitol building and the University of Texas, were a lot more artsy and/or scenic than weird.

However, I recently traveled to Austin again, and this time I made a point to seek out the weird and quirky stuff. And I found a lot more this time!

austin congress ave

Here are some quirky (and not-so-quirky) sights from the capital city of Texas, and list of suggested weird things to do in Austin.

My Favorite ‘Keep Austin Weird’ Activities in the City

Museum of the Weird

Located right downtown on Sixth Street, the Museum of the Weird is an obvious stop for anyone who wants to start off an Austin trip with some weirdness.

museum of weird

The museum is seen by some as a bit of a tourist trap, but admission is only $13 and it undeniably has a lot of weird stuff.

The museum focuses on freaky stuff like shrunken heads, Bigfoot plaster casts, cows born with two faces, a fish that grew fur, and a two-headed chicken. The museum even acknowledges that some of these may not be real.

There’s a gallery of life-size figures from film and television, including Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frankenstein, The Phantom of the Opera, Creature From the Black Lagoon, and King Kong.

quasimodo figurine

The museum also claims a 3000-year-old mummy discovered in Egypt in the 1800s.

mummy - austin museum of the weird

Not many real mummies are on display in the U.S., so this is truly a weird and unusual sight.

Greetings From Austin Mural

Located at 1720 S. 1st Street, the “Greetings from Austin” wall is one of the more popular tourist attractions in the area. You will certainly see other tourists here, no matter when you come.

greetings from austin mural

It’s located in the Bouldin Creek area, one of the cooler parts of the city. There’s free street parking and a lot of cool shops and restaurants in the vicinity.

Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughan Statues

Outlaw country legend Willie Nelson moved to Austin in 1973 when he found Nashville too stuffy. Guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan moved to Austin around the same time.

Both have been honored with statues in their honor. Vaughan, who passed away in a 1990 helicopter crash, has a statue along the Colorado River on the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail.

Willie, meanwhile, has an 8-foot bronze sculpture downtown. Fortunately, he lived long enough to witness the honor in person.

willie nelson statue austin texas
Visiting the Willie Nelson statue is a quirky and weird activity in Austin.

Nelson was instrumental in the creation and success of Austin City Limits, a wildly popular concert show for decades.

Not every city is so quick to embrace its rock & roll icons. You have to give Austin credit for that!

The Famous Bridge Bats

Every night from spring to autumn, millions of Mexican bats emerge from beneath the Ann Richards Congress Avenue Bridge.

Austin bats

Right around sunset, the insect-eating flying mammals come out, while hundreds of onlookers on the bridge and in the park below witness the spectacle.

The bat viewing in Austin is truly one of the activities that gave the city the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan.

Murals and Street Art

Austin so many murals and pieces of street art that I couldn’t possibly list them all. One of my favorites is the Willie Nelson and Janis Joplin wall near downtown.

willie janis mural

Here’s another famous Austin mural, the one that simply says “I love you so much.” It’s in the middle of a vibrant neighborhood.

love you so much mural

The location of the “I love you so much” mural in Austin is 1300 S. Congress Avenue.

This mural downtown was striking:

austin street art

My favorite weird piece of Austin street art:

Austin images - hi how are you alien sign

Quirky Eateries: Bouldin Creek Cafe, Amy’s Ice Cream, Salty Sow

Many Austin restaurants and coffee shops have a quirky vibe and wonderfully weird atmosphere. I’ll just mention a couple of my favorites.

Bouldin Creek Cafe (just a couple blocks from the Greetings from Austin mural) has been serving up vegan and vegetarian food since 2000. It’s a funky shop with local art for sale on the walls and a hipster crowd.

bouldin creek cafe

Salty Sow is a unique gastropub that promises “swine + wine + beer.” They serve up cocktails with a whole lot of meaty dishes, such as duck fat fries, roasted bone marrow, Wagyu cheeseburger, and catfish tacos.

Amy’s Ice Cream is a scoop shop with a lot of creative flavors and mix-ins. And it’s open late! I had coffee ice cream with brownies and marshmallows mixed in, and it was divine.

amys ice cream

Amy’s makes the list of quirky places because of its funky vibe and odd flavors. Among the noteworthy flavors at Amy’s were Irish Cream, Flan, Zilkermint Chip, and Belgian Chocolate.

Also, I have to shout-out one of the most creatively-named Austin restaurants: a Mediterranean place called Halal Y’all.

Alamo Drafthouse

The first time I visited Austin in the ’00s, Alamo Drafthouse was totally weird, because it was a movie theater with tables that served food and beer. And they had gained a reputation for kicking out rude patrons.

These days, a lot of cities have similar cinemas, so Alamo isn’t quite as unique. But it still deserves props for being one of the first of its kind. It’s one of the top hipster activities in the area.

Barton Springs

Not every city has a public pool fed by underground springs with a perfect 70 degree temperature. Barton Springs is a 3-acre pool in Zilker Park available for swimming most of the year.

barton springs austin

Barton Springs is the home of a rare blind salamander that is federally protected. That’s quirky and weird!

More Austin Photos: Quirky and Offbeat Stuff

Remember – keep Austin weird.

keep Austin weird

No, seriously – keep Austin weird.

keep Austin weird - pics

I love this Willie Nelson shirt designed to look like the Starbucks logo. You can find this shirt in the gift shop of the Museum of the Weird, along with numerous other “Keep Austin Weird” shirts.

willie nelson austin starbucks shirt

The Austin Motel sign is extremely popular. Perhaps you can figure out why.

austin motel sign

I played a lot of giant guitars during my visit to Austin.

Austin giant guitars

A shot of some of the many, many bars in downtown Austin. The Jackalope had an alternative, indie kind of vibe.

Austin Jackalope

The employees at this bar couldn’t be bothered to write the specials on both sides. That is just too much work!

austin photos - see other side

Emo’s is one of the most famous music venues in the city.

Emo's Austin

If you’re offering reliable auto service, I suppose the Lemon Detective is an appropriate mascot.

Austin lemon detectives

More Austin Pics: Nightlife, Capitol Building, University, Sunsets

This is the section for photos of the non-quirky stuff in Austin.

The capitol building was a stunning sight.

capitol Austin

Especially from the inside.

capitol dome Austin

The presence of Texas University looms large in Austin.

University of Texas

Austin has a cool skyline, especially when viewed from the walking trails in Zilker Park. The park is one of several great outdoor activities in Austin.

austin skyline

Keep your eyes open for turtles along the water. They are everywhere.

turtles water

Buildings reflect off the river at dusk.

Austin river reflection

My local friends were able to grow a ridiculous number of plants in their backyard due to the constant warm weather.

plants austin

Sunset arrives over the bridges.

Austin sunset

What do you think of the Keep Austin Weird slogan? is it really as weird of a city as it claims?