Austin in photos: kinda weird, kinda traditional

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I had planned to do a photo essay showing Austin’s weirdness (“Keep Austin weird” is a common local slogan), but in looking over my photos, I realized that about half were weird and half were totally normal. Some, of the capitol building and the University of Texas, are a lot more scenic than weird.

And I think that’s a more accurate depiction of the city. It’s kinda weird, but it also has a traditional quality to it. So it’s necessary to show both. We’ve already covered the bridge bats of Austin and the Alamo Theater, which both lean towards the weird end of the spectrum. Now here are some more sights from the capital city of Texas.

If you’re offering reliable auto service, I suppose the Lemon Detective is an appropriate mascot.

Austin lemon detectives

Remember – keep Austin weird.

keep Austin weird

No, seriously – keep Austin weird.

keep Austin weird

My favorite weird piece of Austin street art.

Austin hi how are you alien sign

A shot of some of the many, many bars in downtown Austin. The Jackalope had an alternative, indie kind of vibe.

Austin Jackalope

The employees at this bar couldn’t be bothered to write the specials on both sides. That is just too much work!

see other side

Emo’s is one of the most famous music venues in the city.

Emo's Austin

I played a lot of giant guitars during my visit to Austin.

Austin giant guitars

Austin isn’t like most of Texas. But its Texas-ness still comes through sometimes. Inside a cowboy bar with my friend Jason.

Austin cowboy bar

It’s 3 am inside a local dance club.

Austin dance club

The capitol building was a stunning sight.

capitol Austin

Especially from the inside.

capitol dome Austin

The presence of Texas University looms large in Austin.

University of Texas

Buildings reflect off the river at dusk.

Austin river reflection

My local friends were able to grow a ridiculous number of plants in their backyard due to the constant warm weather.

plants austin

Sunset arrives over the bridges.

Austin sunset


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