Quirky Attraction: The Bronze Fonz Statue in Milwaukee

fonzie statue milwaukee

The “Bronze Fonz” Statue of Fonzie from Happy Days
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (address: 100 E. Wells St.)
When to visit: Anytime, but daylight hours make for better photos
Cost: Free
Time needed: 5-10 minutes
Website: Bronze Fonz Wikipedia (unofficial)

Now this is cool – a life-size bronze statue of the Fonz from Happy Days! The sitcom character played by Henry Winkler has been memorialized in downtown Milwaukee, because the show was set there. Henry himself has visited the statue so it has the personal seal of approval.

The “Bronze Fonz” can be found along the Milwaukee Riverwalk on E. Wells Street. It’s oddly located right next to a cheap Chinese restaurant, so make sure to frame your photos to keep the Chinese place out and to get the river and buildings behind it instead.

The statue is painted and features Fonzie giving the double thumbs-up. It’s well-done, although, when you get close, the eyes and teeth are kinda intense.

bronze fonz face

History of the Bronze Fonz Statue in Milwaukee

The Bronze Fonz was commissioned by the local tourism board, Visit Milwaukee, in the 2000s. It makes sense – why not create an homage to one of the city’s most notable pop culture moments? Just as Minneapolis did with Mary Tyler Moore statue, for instance?

In August of 2008, the statue was unveiled on the Milwaukee Riverwalk. Created by artist Gerald P. Sawyer, it’s a life-size statue that allows visitors to pose right next to it as if Fonzie was there in person.

Henry Winkler himself, and much of the Happy Days cast, appeared at the dedication ceremony. Fonz was excited about his bronze likeness, which wears a leather jacket. Winkler said at the time, “To see it in real life and that it exists it’s just unbelievable. It really is.”

Make sure to check out the Fonzie statue if you’re in Milwaukee to visit the Harley Davidson Museum or the famous Art Museum.

bronze fonz statue

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  1. Hey, I used to work right down the street from there many years ago. I love Milwaukee. I get what you mean about the teeth and eyes. But, it’s a cool statue anyway and I’m glad that Henry Winkler approved!

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