Quirky Food: Cheese-ology in St. Louis

Cheeseology St Louis

Location: University City, Missouri
Cost: Less than $9 for all dishes
Try this: Chicken Scampi mac & cheese
Website: www.cheese-ology.com

Today, I’m starting a new occasional feature about some of the unusual food I encounter on my travels. It’s just like the Quirky Attractions feature, except it’s all about food, a subject near and dear to my heart. I’ve already covered a few strange eateries, like the Wiener Circle and the Rutgers grease trucks, but I think food deserves its own separate column.

The first installment is a casual St. Louis restaurant called Cheese-ology. Located right in the awesome Delmar Loop neighborhood, this place serves up mac & cheese, and absolutely nothing else. Unless you count salads (which are borderline food in my opinion.) Oh, and they do serve booze.

cheeseology interior

Varieties offered include: Buffalo Chicken, Santa Fe, Bacon Bacon, Philly Cheese, Creamy Pesto, and even a vegan recipe. My favorite was the Chicken Scampi. Sadly, the accompanying piece of bread was boring and flavorless – no garlic, no butter… no imagination! Aside from that, I enjoyed the food and found Cheese-ology quirky and endearing.

Would you eat at a restaurant that only served macaroni & cheese?

cheeseology scampi


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16 comments on “Quirky Food: Cheese-ology in St. Louis

  1. I’d definately eat there ! Actually it kinda reminds me of a “Totilleria” restaurant I ate at in Seville earlier this year. They “Only” served Spanish omlette but with loads of toppings (For example Guacamole, Curry etc…) I forget how many options were on the menu , buut there were plenty.

  2. I think these kinds of restaurants are starting to become more popular. I know there’s a restaurant in NYC where everything is made with chocolate and I remember once that a friend went to one (can’t remember where) that made all of it’s dishes with garlic! I definitely like the mac and cheese version of this kind of eatery! shame about the bread.
    Gaby recently posted..Downtown Beirut/Beyrouth Centreville

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