Here’s What You’ll See Visiting Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum

The just-completed Kentucky Derby is the one time every year that people who aren’t even into horse racing stop and pay attention.

Visiting Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum was a cool experience. I got to learn about the history of the event and the sport of horse racing in general, and even try on some jockey fashion accessories.

visiting churchill downs

I remember when I was a teen and had a Sports Illustrated subscription, I would always get mad whenever they would put a Derby-winning horse on the cover. “Horse racing isn’t a real sport!,” I’d exclaim.

The Derby Museum taught me otherwise, with detailed displays showing how much work and effort goes in to bringing a horse to the championship race.

For the basic admission fee of $16, you can wander through the museum, then head out to the Churchill Downs grounds to see the race track and stands.

derby winner statue

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What You’ll See While Visiting Churchill Downs


Wannabe jockeys can hop on a horse and compete in virtual Derby races.


I love jockey fashion. Look at these amazing shirts!


You can even try on some of the outfits and pretend to be a jockey yourself. I made the bold fashion decision to mix brown with pink. Probably not such a great choice. But no regrets!

jockey outfit derby
Dress up like a jockey while visiting Churchill Downs!

A small portion of the museum is devoted to the International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame. Talk about a niche sport!

That reminds me, it’s been a while since I’ve thrown horseshoes around. I should make that happen soon.


After the museum, it’s on to the outside portion of the tour, in which a guide explains the history of the venue and its races while standing in front of a long wall displaying the names of every Derby winner in history.

visiting churchill downs tour

I had to take the time to find the most famous horse on the list.

secretariat - visiting churchill downs

In the summer months, you can sit in the stands and watch (and bet on!) live horse races.

kentucky derby grandstand

The races hadn’t started yet when I visited, so I settled for checking out the empty grandstand and seeing the track where the famous race takes place.


The track is a great place to take some selfies and soak in the 140-year history of the Kentucky Derby, which began in 1875.

After our track visit, the guide offered the opportunity to head over to the horse barn and see a couple of horses up close. I’m not sure if this is always part of the tour – I got the impression that this was a bonus for our group.


While heading to the barn, we encountered the Kentucky Derby Walk of Champions, a small cemetery of sorts featuring the remains of a few celebrated horses.

walk champions derby visit churchill downs

This small patch of land serves as the final resting place for a handful of Derby-winning animals.


Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum are both interesting places to visit, even if you’re not at all into horse racing, which is about the highest compliment I can offer an attraction.

When you’re in Louisville, don’t forget to check out the Muhammad Ali Center and the world’s largest bats. And folks from Chicago should consider Louisville as a road trip destination.

Would you visit Churchill Downs?

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