Climbing around at Jumbo Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park

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My favorite part of Joshua Tree National Park was climbing around at Jumbo Rocks. Just as it sounds, the Jumbo Rocks are a collection of huge rocks near the main road through the park. Visitors can climb on, around, and between them.


No special climbing equipment is needed. Just walk around until you see a trail you can follow or a few small rocks you can jump on top of to use as stairs to get even higher. Before you know it, you’ll be on top of the world!



I was surprised how much fun it was to climb on these rocks. I felt like a kid and spent at least an hour here exploring the rocks.



You’ll find some narrow passages between rocks that you can try to squeeze through.


Those of us who aren’t rock climbers never get to have these kinds of thrills, so it’s a fun chance to try something new. Do not pass up the chance to see Jumbo Rocks if you visit the park!


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  1. This reminds me a little bit of the Badlands. I remember taking my son there when he was young and me being petrified that he’d fall off a rock. Now I’m taking my daughter there this summer. I never learn…

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