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  1. I enjoyed your post about the 70s hotel in Northern Michigan. I’m a northern michigan girl, born and raised, and that’s how it is here. Thanks for not hating on it, I liked that.
    The name of that motel is Adventure Motel and Cafe in Mass City… if my memory serves me right! You should totally share this article with the owners, I’m sure it would mean a lot to them! Actually, I could see them printing, framing & hanging it out for everyone to see how they were featured on that new-day “internet” thing. LOL
    Take Care,

  2. Hi Scott,
    My name is Ed Little, my wife Carla and I just started publishing a blog called http://www.goherethereandeverywhere.com. We came across a post you did some time ago on Nashville’s RCA Studio B. The parts you wrote about Elvis, the grand piano, and ‘feeling his presence’ are brilliant. As I was was writing my own post, I just didn’t think I could say it better. I’d like to ask you permission to quote and paraphrase parts of your post. We will certainly link back to you and credit your words. We’ll also run the post by you for approval. Please let us know if you’d be interested in this collaboration, we greatly appreciate it. All the best, Ed and Carla

  3. Just got back to central Illinois from my first road trip to Kansas / Oklahoma. Wish I’d found your site earlier – it’s awesome! Love your information and point of view 🙂 I’ll definitely be reading up before my next adventures!

  4. Scott: If that’s the case, man we gotta find you a car!! But, honestly, the best way of getting around Toronto is public transport, which is not all that bad (unless the train service goes on strike — see my post from April 2008 when we visited http://www.sumoflam.biz/Toronto.htm — The TTC went on strike that day!!)

    Places to definitely see –

    1. Chinatown – best one in the Eastern part of Canada or the US

    2. Kensington – especially check out all of the Wall Art and Murals. It is walking distance from Chinatown. You may also want to see Rush Lane for more.

    3. Catch the Giant Thimble on S. Spadina (by Starbucks)

    4. The Royal Ontario Museum is a MUST

    5. The Sharp Centre for Design has some very unique architecture and outdoor art

    6. Casa Loma – A giant castle on a hill

    7. CN Tower – I know that’s on your agenda

    8. Ed’s Real Scoop in Leslieville is THE place to get Ice Cream

    9. Distillery district is nice too. I wanted to go there but didn’t have time. Read alot about it.

    10. Toronto Islands is another place I wanted to visit but never got there.

    11. Funky shopping?? – Try Honest Ed’s at Bloor St. W and Ossington Ave.

    There is much much more… man, I wish I could join you (and bring the car to get around in)


  5. Scott:

    If you make the trip to Ontario, I have a SLEW of places you can go to, so please let me know when you are heading that way. The absolute MUST see attraction is the Screaming Heads in Burk’s Falls. Also, if you like Barbecue, the best place in Ontario is Camp 31 in Paris. Many more …. just email me when and where you plan to go and I’ll get you filled in.

    Cheers from the road!

    1. Cool, thanks for the tips! I won’t have a vehicle so I’m staying put in Toronto, aside from a two-day bus excursion to London. The last week of May is my Canada vacation 🙂

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