Southern Texas Pictures: San Antonio Riverwalk, Uvalde, D’Hanis, and More


I saw Darth Vader in San Antonio. No, really! He was wandering around the riverwalk. And I have photos to prove it! Keep reading…

The evil Star Wars character was just one of the memorable sights of my trip to southern Texas, along with snakes, ostriches, and military airplanes. Scroll down for the highlights, starting with the small towns near Uvalde, and then moving on to the San Antonio Riverwalk pictures and more photos from the rest of the city.

Small-town Southern Texas Photo Essay

Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates! How come nobody is stopping to give me a lift? I love these signs because they reveal both paranoia and lack of confidence in local jail security.

hitchhiking inmates

The cotton fields are prolific.

cotton fields

Look at this grave from the town of Uvalde. How bizarre that they actually wrote “assassinated by Indians” on his stone.


The quirkiest thing about Uvalde is all the trees in the middle of streets. There aren’t a ton of trees growing here, so instead cutting down these rare ones, they force you to drive around them.


This is my favorite street sign ever. They’re just screwing with us.


One advantage of living in Texas is the opportunity to grow stuff like avocados, pomegranates, figs and oranges. Living in Chicago, I’m not used to walking out to the backyard to get a snack. So I took advantage of the opportunity to munch on some freshly-collected pecans.


The many antiques stores in the area were part cowboy, part Mexican.


mexican-antiques store san antonio pictures

The sheep say hello.

texas sheep pictures

Wishful thinking on the precipitation front.


This is downtown D’Hanis, Texas. There’s one main street and a few houses on the street behind it. Population: 548.


One of the family houses in D’Hanis apparently has a pet deer. It wandered around in the front yard along with the family dogs. The pet deer brought back memories for me.


America all the way!

american-train texas photos essay

I’ve been trying to figure out whether “Bargins & Blessings” is some sort of pun or just a misspelling.


No diving into this tiny little creek. As if anybody would.


A short hike provided a reminder that there are deadly creatures in the wild.


It’s an abandoned Walmart! The first Walmart I’ve ever seen that has gone out of business! (Or not. Right behind this closed building was a brand new Super Walmart. Meh.)


The road toward Eagle Pass and the Mexican border is the opposite of scenic. Lots of open road and dead grass.

texas-open-road photos

San Antonio Riverwalk Pictures and More From the City

Wondering what Darth Vader is up to these days? He’s patrolling the city’s marquee tourist attraction, the San Antonio Riverwalk.

darth vader san antonio riverwalk pictures

The San Antonio Riverwalk is cool. It definitely livens up the downtown area. Hop on board the river cruise and join all these smiling faces.

San Antonio Riverwalk pictures of happy tourists.

Walking into the Alamo, before I realized what an ill-fated decision that would be…


You have to root for the snow cone vendor outside the Alamo.

snow-cones-alamo san antonio pictures

Another of my favorite San Antonio pictures was this entity called the Beethoven Dance Band performing in a plaza. Their music was very catchy.

beethoven-dance-band san antonio

More sights from the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. A group of unknown horned animals relaxes in the sun.


Feeding the very hungry zebras through my car window. This place truly is a drive thru safari zoo!


Extreme ostrich close-up!


A sign at the local EZ Pawn. Gee, I can’t wait.


Moving on to a couple more sights from the bizarre and awesome Toilet Seat Art Museum. Every state gets its own toilet seat.


And there’s a toilet seat dedicated to troll dolls. Because of course.


Hope you enjoyed the San Antonio pictures and photos from elsewhere in the state. Thanks for coming along on my ride through southern Texas!

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  1. Wow! Southern Texas must be very fun! I find it very interesting too about scenes with Darth Vader in that town, it must be really cool. I love reading your post, there were just a lot of adventures going on. You must enjoy every single place you’ve been. Thanks for sharing!

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