Famous and historical casinos in Latin America

Latin America is a popular place for vacationing. Well known for its diverse beaches, many travelers come to the region from around to world. There are other kinds of activities that can be found here that interest many travelers. One popular activity is casino gambling. Many different casinos can be found in various parts of this region.


In the Latin American country of Costa Rica, one can find casino gaming. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is the city of the Club Colonial Casino. Centrally located within the capital, visitors here find a great deal of excitement from the range of casino games. Slot machines are quite varied in this casino. Many include the video slot machine while some of the machines are older mechanical versions. Table games are also found at the Club Colonial Casino. For travelers not from the region, keep in mind that some of these table games will be known by different names with rule variations. Some examples of this include canasta and rummy. Canasta is essentially roulette, while rummy is a game quite similar to blackjack. The Club Colonial Casino also has its own restaurant to provide casino goers with dining options. Don’t expect to find 24 hour gaming in Costa Rica, as a law was enacted several years ago limiting operating hours to 6 pm to 2 am.

Panama is another location where visitors can find casino gaming. The country has a total of 18 venues. One of these is the Majestic, which is situated within the center of the capital, Panama City. Of all the Panamanian casinos, the Majestic has the most varied offering of table games. Some that can be found here like at a Mobile Casino include blackjack, hole-card blackjack, blackjack switch, canal 21, American roulette, craps, Texas Hold ‘Em, 3 card poker and Caribbean Stud poker.

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