The Five Top Amusement Parks in the United States

A trip to an amusement park is a classic American vacation. Whether you’re a thrill-seeking roller coaster fanatic, or just enjoy strolling through a more laid-back setting, there’s an amusement park out there that has what you’re looking for. Check out this list of the top five amusement parks in the country the next time you’re planning a summer vacation.

Cedar Point: Located in rural Sandusky, Ohio, Cedar Point is considered by many to be the best thrill-ride theme park in the world. Featuring 16 roller coasters spread across 364 acres, it’s hard to experience everything in one day. A few record breaking coasters include:

  • Top Thrill Dragster: It was the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world when it opened in 2003.
  • Millennium Force: Also broke height and speed records when it was built in 2000.
  • Wicked Twister: Currently the tallest, fastest inverted roller coaster in the world.

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Disneyland: Built in 1955 in Anaheim, California, Disneyland has been a West Coast tourist destination for decades. Disneyland is a true theme park, and is a great place to take a family. The park is divided into sections, all of which have attractions for both small children and adults. While you’re there, check out classic rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, It’s a Small World, and the Haunted Mansion. And be sure not to miss the nightly parades and fireworks displays.

Walt Disney World: Following the success of Disneyland, the Walt Disney World Resort was planned and built near Orlando, Fla., in 1961. Spread across more than 30,000 acres, the location is the most-visited entertainment resort in the world and consists of dozens of theme parks, family friendly attractions, golf courses and hotels.

Disney World

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va.: One of two Busch Gardens locations, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has an impressive collection of steel roller coasters. Apollo’s Chariot was ranked the seventh-best roller coaster by  the Golden Ticket Awards in 2011. The park is festively divided into 11 sections, each with its own country or fantasy theme.

Universal Studios: Also located in Orlando, the Universal Studios amusement parks allows guests to “ride the movies” though several film-inspired rides and attractions. From “Jaws” to “The Blues Brothers,” the park’s shows and rides make your favorite movies come to life.

Many amusement parks have hotels or resorts nearby, which makes them great road trip destinations. If you’re planning on driving, be sure your car is up-to-date on vehicle maintenance, and that your insurance coverage is current. If you haven’t checked your policy in a while, request a few car insurance quotes to make sure you’re covered on your amusement park road trip.

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