Free and Fun Activities in Denver, Colorado

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Denver, Colorado, is one of the most thriving and entertaining cities in the Mountain West, and visitors can enjoy it without spending a ton of money. In fact, many of the city’s most interesting activities are totally free.

Whether you’re in town for business, a quick vacation, or maybe as part of a guys’ weekend, you can add some of these activities to your itinerary without breaking your budget. Planning a travel budget generally requires pre-travel research, and Alamo’s Scenic Route is a great resource full of travel tips and tricks no matter where you’re headed.

Tackle the Great Outdoors

Colorado is known as one of America’s great states for outdoors enthusiasts. From rock climbing to skiing to mountain biking, there’s an endless wealth of challenging activities available in the Rocky Mountains. But you don’t have to leave the city limits to find great biking, hiking, and jogging at places like City Park, the High Line Canal Trail and the Cherry Creek Bike Path. You can get outdoors almost all year long – although Denver has a reputation as a snowy city, it gets sunshine more than 300 days a year.

Stop at the Mile High Marker at the State Capitol Building

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One of the steps of the Capitol building sits at an elevation of 5,280 feet, or exactly one mile. It’s become a popular activity for tourists to find the step engraved with the “One Mile Above Sea Level” label and take photos with it. The Capitol building is within walking distance of downtown, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to stop at the quirky landmark. Don’t be afraid to wander inside the building for a free look at the architecture of the 124-year-old structure.

Visit the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame

Head to Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the home of the three-time Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. You can sign up for a guided tour of the stadium to see the locker rooms and the field where the magic happens, though that tour will set you back $20. For a cool free attraction, visit the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame located inside the stadium at Gate #1. Browse the museum’s Gallery of Legends and view its exhibits on the history of great sports moments in the state. Be sure to check the museum’s days and hours of operation, as they vary by season.

Take a Brewery Tour

Beer lovers have long considered Colorado one of the best places in the U.S. to find quality brews. And the good news is that many of them offer free brewery tours, so you can educate yourself on how the beverages are made, while getting to sample a few varieties. The only difficult part might be deciding which brewery to visit. Choose from well-established national companies like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors or popular local brands such as Wynkoop, Great Divide and Avery Brewing.

Check Out Denver’s Art

Denver has both a First Friday Art Walk and a Final Friday Art Walk that allow folks to peruse some of the area’s galleries and museums twice a month in different parts of the city. In addition, Denver is a great city for street art. Colorful murals can be found is neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Speer, Baker, and Five Points. Just keep your eyes open as you move about the city!

Get Up Close With Money

The Money Museum gives visitors a chance to see what 30 million dollars in cash looks like up close. The giant pile of dough (behind security glass, of course) is one of many interesting sights at the small facility. (Note: The Money Museum is currently undergoing a brief renovation and will re-open in June 2018.) For another finance-related attraction, sign up for a free tour of the U.S. Mint, where you can see how coins and bills are made. Tickets for Mint tours are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis each day starting at 7 a.m.

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