How to hide posts from the front page with the Canvas theme

Are you a blogger wondering how to hide posts from the front page using the Canvas theme from Woothemes? Many Canvas users have reported being unable to hide posts even using the WP Hide Post plugin. It can be done with a simple set of steps.

Why it’s difficult to hide posts using the Canvas theme

If you’re using Canvas and the magazine layout, you may have discovered that WP Hide Post plugin doesn’t work as expected.

This issue drove me nuts for weeks, and after some back-and-forth with Woothemes support, I was able to figure out the solution. Since I’ve subsequently heard about many other Canvas users having the same issues, and since Woo support has surprisingly not been giving these folks the proper solution, I feel obligated to provide it for you here.

How to hide posts from the front page using the Canvas theme

Here’s the simple solution. Create a special category for the posts you want to hide from the front page. I just call mine “special.” Install WP Hide Post plugin and use it as you normally would – select the desired checkboxes to make sure the post is hidden from the front page, author pages, or wherever else you like.

Find the id # of the special category you’ve created. To do that, in your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts > Categories and get the # of that category (hover over the name of the category and get the number of tag_id= in the URL.)

Then go to Canvas > Theme Options > Magazine Template > Magazine Setup and enter that number in “Exclude categories from loop.”

Save, and that should do it. Your posts should now be hidden from the home page.

WP Hide Post with Canvas conclusion

This method absolutely works. In fact, the post you’re reading was hidden from the front page, since it’s not about travel like the rest of my site. I created it for my fellow Canvas users who’ve experienced this same frustrating issue.

If you’ve found me by Googling, I invite you to poke around the website for some quirky travel stories and to Like our Facebook page.

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  1. I am running Canvas v.5+ and I have a question. How can I make a static page display just posts from a certain category. I thought this would be easy but I am too the point where I am downloading plugins and I can’t get their [shortcodes] to work. At my wits end, know enough to be dangerous.

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