July links: The Jersey Shore and North Dakota’s fake statehood

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Did you know North Dakota isn’t officially a state? Man, that means I’ve only been to 47 states now! The strange news about the state – sorry, the territory – tops my recap of interesting travel links for July.

Time: Because of constitutional error, North Dakota is not a state (and never has been)
This one is kind of amusing. I doubt anyone’s going to lobby to have North Dakota representatives removed from Congress or anything like that. It’s just funny that a silly oversight means that since 1889, ND has been pretending to be a state when it really isn’t.

Yahoo News: Grizzly bear kills Yellowstone hiker
Sad jinx… in my 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Yellowstone, I noted that no hiker had been killed by a bear within the park since 1986. That streak came to an end when a couple was attacked after happening upon a mother bear with a cub. Just a reminder that you can never be too careful, and that even hiking in a beautiful place like Yellowstone has inherent risks.

2 Backpackers: The Jersey Shore in Pictures
Holy cow, this was one of the longest photo essays I’ve ever seen. Tons of great pics that capture every angle and every aspect of the shore. And yes, there are pics of a few certain tv show cast members…

Twenty-Something Travel: Bargaining tips for the non-confrontational
As I prepare for a couple of possible trips to foreign destinations in the coming months (Mexico City? Thailand?), this post about haggling with locals comes in handy. Like many people, I’m not comfortable doing that, but Steph provides some good tips.

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5 comments on “July links: The Jersey Shore and North Dakota’s fake statehood

  1. This is interesting!! Since I do most of my travels outside of the states if/when I can, I often neglect learning little things like this about the US and other states than my own. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. I can’t believe North Dakota is not a legitimate state. Even after reading the article from the link I am still in shock. Love the photo and great post!

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