June 2011: Blog and personal updates

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Website update

So it’s June, and we’re four months into Quirky Travel Guy. I’m pleased with the number of connections I’ve been able to make with other travelers and bloggers.

I’ve created some new regular features in the past couple months (Road Trip Tips, Rock & Roll Travel Series), and I’m looking forward to exploring those a lot more in the coming months. Particularly the connections between travel and music – those are my two primary areas of interest, so it makes sense to combine them a bit more.

As for my traffic numbers, they’re on the rise, and since my March update, my Twitter follower count has jumped to 313 and I’m up to 78 Facebook fans.

I’m not currently utilizing Facebook as well as I should, but that’s something I hope to change. I knew that getting Facebook fans would take quite a while, and that is definitely the case. If you’d like to help out, you can Like Quirky Travel Guy on Facebook 🙂

Personal update

As I noted when I started the site, I’m currently freelance writing for a living. While I’m not yet making money through this blog, my writing income for the past 3 months has been enough to live on and to start planning future improvements to this site – namely, a new header and overall site re-design.

Last month, I got to visit a friend in New Jersey and check out NYC (one of our stops was the Rutgers grease truck), and I just spent the past weekend in Pittsburgh with family. I also bought my first tent, and I’m ready to go camping in a couple weeks at the Indiana Sand Dunes, a lakeside park that sounds like a lot of fun.

I’m sad to say I have nothing else concrete booked for the future. It’s tough to leave Chicago in the summer, because there’s so much going on here. I’m hoping to do Miami, the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park sometime this fall. Hopefully my significant other, Felip, can join me on some of these travels, assuming pesky things like jobs and bills don’t get in the way.

If anyone of yinz plan on swinging through Chicago, drop me a line – I would love to meet some of my colleagues and online friends.

Happy travels!

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10 comments on “June 2011: Blog and personal updates

  1. Nice work so far, keep it up. I’ve been blogging for two months now and I too haven’t slowed down a bit. I’d like to read a blog that was about both travel and music. My last post is about music (and cannibalism) but isn’t about travel at all.
    T Roach recently posted..Destroyer with The War On Drugs

  2. Congratulations on making enough through your freelance writing to sustain yourself. That is the way to do it. I don’t think anyone is really making money off of their blogs – some will say they do, but after you dig a bit you find there is always a lot more to the story!

    Now, how do you get Felipe to become location independent so you two can enjoy these experiences together?
    The NVR Guys recently posted..2011 – What’s Gone Down &amp What’s Coming Up

  3. Hey Scott,

    I just read your post on the Professional Hobo. Loved it. I especially loved the Irish Hunger Memorial. Quirky things are my favorite, so I’ll definitely be reading along here. I hope all your travel plans work out. I haven’t seen Florida yet and would love to hear about what you find there.

    Robert McKay recently posted..Setting Aside Old Attitudes

    • Thanks. They’re actually not travel-related. I write for pop music websites. I used to write for AOL Music and then moved to some other places. Paying travel-writing gigs seem harder to come by.

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