June links: Empty airports, hipsters and urban farms

patriotic truck

A patriotic truck I saw in Tennessee, posted in honor of the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

It’s time for a new batch of super fun travel and living links from the past month. Ready? Go!

Everywhere Connection: Walking and Blogging Across the USA
A chat with Nate from Nate Walks America. He’s literally walking across the country, from coast to coast, over the course of 8-9 months. The interview is cool because it answers the question everyone wants to know – specifically, why is he doing this? He also explains how he’s documenting the whole trip online.

Buzzfeed: The Most Hipster State in the U.S.
I keep an eye on all things hipster, so I was intrigued by this article. Buzzfeed came up with a way to determine the most hipster state in the country. Their surprising winner? Minnesota! The methodology is pretty flimsy, but it’s a fun read. And if you’re so moved, ride up to Minneapolis on your fixie in cutoff jean shorts whilst downing a PBR and listening to Pitchfork radio.

Gadling: Detroit’s Urban Farms – Budget Battles and Milking Goats
I like this one because it hits home. We have a lot of neighborhood gardens in my neck of the woods. I’ve actually been growing food for the first time, with varying degrees of success (the cucumbers died, but the broccoli and red potatoes are going strong!)

Jalopnik: Watch Two Guys Run Wild In an Airport
Haven’t seen this one yet? You must take a look at the video. Somehow two guys got stranded inside Dallas Fort Worth airport overnight and went nuts. Seems like this shouldn’t happen anymore in the TSA era, but it sure looks fun.

The Travel Chica: Saying Goodbye
A good post applicable to anybody who travels, short-term or long. You meet people, you connect, you make friends, and then you have to move on. It’s nice to stay in touch online, but it’s still a bummer when you have to say goodbye.

That’s it for June. See you with more links next month!

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