June Links: Golf, road tripping, and hokey holiness

golf grassy lane

From the “I bet you didn’t know” department, I was once a frequent (but very bad) golfer.


As you read this (today!), Felip and I are heading to Anchorage for the start of an eight-day whirlwind Alaskan adventure. A trip like this deserves wall-to-wall coverage, so for the entire month of July I’ll be posting dispatches to fully document the experience. I’m coming hard with at least 15 posts about the Alaska adventure, so come back as often as humanly possible over the next four weeks so you don’t miss anything.

If you can’t wait until next month to hear the juicy details, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram (@quirkytravelguy). I’ll be posting the first images from my journey right there as they happen.

June was a busy month. In addition to the Anchorage trip, I attended the TBEX conference for travel bloggers in Keystone, Colorado and finally met in person so many awesome people I have been corresponding with online. The event was inspiring on a number of different levels, and I already can’t wait for TBEX 2013.

While I was initially disappointed at the conference location being so far from a major city, in the end it worked out great. Because there was virtually nowhere to go out at night, all the bloggers ended up in the same place (hi there, Kickapoo!), which led to additional networking and socializing time. If the event had been in NYC, everybody would’ve gone their separate ways for nightlife, and we as attendees would have been robbed of some great bonding experiences together.

And now, some of the travel-related links from June that caught my eye.

Featured personal link:

Overcoming dishonest rangers to see bighorn sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park

My first trip to this park resulted in some great wildlife sightings, none better than the 15 bighorn sheep that crossed the road in front of my car and headed to a drinking hole just across the street. And this after a park ranger swore there was no chance of seeing sheep at all.

bighorn sheep herd

Other travel links of interest:

CBS News: Texas testing 85 MPH speed limit on highway segment

Road trips are about to get a lot more insane! I don’t think I’ve ever gone above 80 on the speedometer in my life, mostly due to a lifetime of driving really old cars that aren’t capable of going fast, plus a budget lifestyle that has no room for speeding tickets. So I was intrigued to see that the Lone Star state is now considering creating an 85 mph speed limit on a portion of highway between San Antonio and Austin. I can’t begin to fathom people going 85 in the slow lane. Only in Texas!

Man on the Lam: The Holy Grail of Hokey – Inside the Holy Land Experience Part 2

Thank you, Raymond, for visiting the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, so I don’t have to. This is a cheesy attraction that attempts to fuse strongly held religious convictions with the widespread appeal of an amusement park. What’s not to love? Especially when there are wax figures that look like “Mary Magdalene let loose with a BeDazzler.”

The World of Deej: Bay Hill Golf Club – Footsteps of the King

Deej spent much of this month writing about some of Florida’s most notable golf courses. Bay Hill was beautiful, and he shot really well on the course. I think my best score ever, back when I played, was 47 for nine holes, so I’m impressed that a non-professional could shoot 83 over 18 holes on a pro course. If this blogging thing ever falls through, perhaps Deej has a PGA career to fall back on.

So Many Places: Meet our hot rod Vermont

Kim and Brian wrote a humorous post about “Vermont,” the old car carrying them through a cross-country road trip. Vermont is a lovable clunker. With a watch taped to the dashboard! I can relate – my travel van was reliable but definitely had some issues. At least it had air conditioning, though! I can’t fathom doing a road trip without a/c. Oh, and please do check out some of their other recent posts, which detail some of the cool places they’ve driven to so far, like the Badlands.

Flashpacker HQ: First timer’s guide for a quick trip to San Diego

Travis profiles one of my favorite cities, San Diego, and its great beaches and awesome neighborhoods. I’ve done the San Diego Zoo but never made it to Sea World, as its cost was too steep. Maybe next time! I really want to live in San Diego someday, for a couple years at least. The great weather and laid-back vibe are calling to me.

Our Odyssey: Finding overnight spots

You may remember that when I had the conversion van, I would park discreetly on random city streets and sleep inside the vehicle to save money. Sean from Our Odyssey has a much bigger vehicle, but is still able to “hide in plain view.” This post provides some tips on finding your own stealth parking spot.

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    • Awesome, what parts of Alaska are you visiting? Nope, I’ve never had the joy of going that fast. Yet. Maybe I’ll try it out in this rental car 🙂

      • Due to work and lovely US vacation time, I am only headed there for a 2 week tour with GAP. Hittin’ all the national parks, etc that surround Anchorage, I’m actually not to sure! Whatever we see, I’m sure will be great. I do have a day in ANC on each end and am at a loss on how to spend those days, as not much is written about it!

        Anyway, should be a good time, can’t wait to read your stuff on it!
        Rebecca recently posted..Flying like a local – Star Peru

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