June roundup: Announcing my next two adventures!

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Where do you go for quirky adventures once you’ve already visited 49 states? For me, the answer is to head to two very different places: Yukon, Canada and northern Mexico!

Over the next few months, I’ll be shipping off to both spots for a week at a time. In July, I’ll be a guest of Travel Yukon on an adventure throughout the province, where I’ll check out some national parks, attend a major music festival (yes, the Yukon has one), and explore some glaciers. I’m excited to share photos and stories from a part of the world that many people probably haven’t considered visiting. We will even pop into eastern Alaska, checking out a couple of the small towns that I didn’t make it to when I visited Alaska last year. How convenient!

Then in October, I’ll be heading to southern Texas with my partner Felip to see his family, and we’ll be spending a few days across the border in some small towns in northern Mexico in the state of Coahuila. I’ve always wanted to see this part of the country, since the Mexican cities I’ve visited so far (Cancun and Tijuana) are super touristy and certainly not representative of the average Mexican community. Exciting stuff, right?

Here’s what I was reading from around the travel blogging world this month.

Featured personal link:

What’s it like to visit a ghost town full of toxic waste? Welcome to Picher, Oklahoma

In 2006, Picher was a small town with hundreds of families going about their daily lives. Three years later, the town was empty due to mine subsidence and lead poisoning. The U.S. government offered buyouts to all local families so they could relocate. Aside from a few fenced-off sections, Picher remains accessible to the public. Read about what I saw when I stopped by for a visit.

church abandoned bw

June travel links of interest:

Go See Write: Living and working in Antarctica

Michael provides photos and a story from a friend who lives in Antarctica, working as a mechanic. He is in a position that many of us envy, being able to spend months on the seventh continent, although I think the novelty would wear off and I’d probably lose my mind by the third month. Still, it would be worth it to see the Southern Lights (who knew that was even a thing?)

Twenty-Something Travel: My lunch at one of NYC’s most expensive restaurants

Stephanie managed to find a restaurant in New York that charges $6 for glasses of water. That’s more than I spend on most entire meals! Sometimes it’s fun to live like a king or queen, as she found by hitting up the Mario Batali hotspot Del Posto. The food was great, but the ambience was creepy at times. Check out her story.

Arctic Nomad: Moose safari: an adventure by canoe

Jarmo went on an outdoor adventure in search of meese (which is the plural of moose. Or, at least, it should be.) I got up close with some moose last summer in Alaska, but I saw all of them on the roadside from a car. Jarmo’s experience in Ontario was cool because he got to see a moose from a canoe. It may have been kinda far away, but what an awesome feeling to connect with these huge animals in their natural environment.

moose alaska

A moose I encountered last summer in Alaska.


Gadling: Bed bugs being dealt with by tough, heartless science

I became quite the expert on bed bugs years ago when I had to deal with an infiltration. Though these pests are incredibly difficult to eradicate, and they can be found all over major metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. and the world, science is working on our behalf. The latest news: researchers have created a product that catches the bugs in a sticky web of sorts, and they die out after they get stuck and can’t move. I’m not sure that’s such a great solution. Do we really want to deal with a room full of sticky, struggling bed bugs for a week or so before they all die out?

The Travel Hack: Camping in the Sahara Desert

Monica got to do something that I’ve always wanted to do when she spent the night in the Sahara. The journey included a camel ride in Morocco, a 4×4 trek to the campsite, an intimate candlelight dinner inside the tent, and a totally clear night sky full of stars. The photos are impressive. I can’t wait for my own Sahara experience!

Cheryl Howard: Abandoned Detroit – Abundant Life Church

In the spirit of my Oklahoma ghost town visit, let’s end with a post about Cheryl’s visit to an abandoned church. Detroit has a staggering number of empty buildings, which are ripe for urban exploration even if many locals would prefer that visitors focus on the city’s other sights. The photos from the inside are stunning. You can feel the history of the place.

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