May links: Backpacking, boxing, collecting states

Elvis statue Nashville

Elvis was a huge part of my Nashville trip.


This month, I took a long weekend in Nashville to check out the sights of Music City USA. You can read all about it in June, when Nashville serves as my featured travel destination. Country music is a big part of the coverage, but there’s a lot more to that very cool city as well.

Meanwhile, we’re less than one month away from the beginning of my great Alaskan adventure! Bush plane flights, whale watching trips and car rentals have been secured, glacier hiking and backcountry camping has been planned, and now I’m just saving the final dollars and researching campgrounds and other remaining sights. This is going to be an amazing life experience.

Here’s a rundown of a few of my favorite links from the travel world in the month of May.

Featured personal link:

There’s a volcano in the heart of Portland, Oregon

Most people are unaware that a large extinct volcano sits within the city limits of Portland. How cool is that?! It’s been turned into a popular park where locals play sports, walk their dogs, and enjoy the views of the city.

May travel links of interest:

Family on Bikes: Backpacking food – what we’ll eat in the woods

Given that Alaska will be my first significant backpacking experience, I found this post from Nancy at Family on Bikes quite useful. Of course, I’m only going into the woods for a couple of days, while Nancy and her family are biking 500 miles over months. But the same principles apply when it comes to packing snacks. Nuts, granola, dried fruit, trail mix. Yay. Can you see my mouth watering?

Travel Rinse Repeat: Confessions of a state collector

I don’t often feature the same blog two months in a row in my Links recap, but I had to include this post from Travel Rinse Repeat about “collecting” states. I can totally relate to the post, as my goal on my 2009 road trip was to see as many states as possible (I made it to 46). John also discusses the dreaded Alaska/Hawaii problem that makes seeing all 50 states so tricky!

The Travelin’ Gringo: Muhammed Ali Center – Not just for boxing fans

Louisville, Kentucky strikes me as one of those places that’s probably much cooler in reality than you’d think. I haven’t been there yet, but Glen shares this profile of the Muhammed Ali Center. Ali’s influence went way beyond the world of sports, so the center documents important cultural and political events in addition to his boxing successes.

Land Lopers: Journey to America’s forgotten capital

Upon reading the title of this post, I assumed it had to be about Philadelphia, because what other city was once the capital of the U.S. before Washington, D.C.? Turns out it was Annapolis, Maryland. Matt from Land Lopers sums up the town in a post about his recent visit, where he became aware of the city’s ghost tours and walking tours.


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3 comments on “May links: Backpacking, boxing, collecting states

  1. Thanks for featuring me Scott. Can’t wait to hear about your Alaska adventure – it sounds like a pretty big adventure. I’m looking to head there myself in September (that’ll make 50!) but still have to firm up some plans. Hopefully I can get some good ideas from you.
    John recently posted..Travel Rinse Repeat Is Going Abroad

    • Cool. September is when it starts to get pretty cold up there, but rental cars will be much cheaper than what we’re paying ($70/day, yikes!)

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