My favorite LA neighborhoods

When many people think of Los Angeles, they have a specific picture in their head relating to a particular neighborhood, whether it’s the celebrity culture of Hollywood or the hot beaches of Venice or Santa Monica.

But the cool thing about L.A. is that it’s a diverse place with lots of interesting places to see. These are some of my favorites.

Silver Lake

Silver Lake is the hipster capital of the city, which means I will most likely live there if and when I eventually move to LA. Some of the LA hipsters will say Echo Lake fits the bill more, but I’ve yet to get a chance to visit there. Silver Lake has everything you’d expect from such a neighborhood: Dive bars, vegan restaurants, art galleries and novelty stores with photo booths.

Beverly Hills

Kitson Beverly Hills

I shouldn’t like Beverly Hills, since I’m all about being budget-conscious and I can’t stand pretentious people. Yet, perhaps because I stayed near Beverly Hills twice when visiting LA, I actually enjoy the area. I like the upscale shopping district and the fact that the richest celebs in town can be seen walking around. It’s fun to wander around this part of town and take in the sights.



Ethnic hoods are always cool because you can (to some degree) experience the culture of a people without leaving the U.S. Koreatown has a number of great restaurants and holds an annual festival and parade. Plus, there are lots of establishments offering private karaoke studios for as little as $5/hour during weekdays. Score!

West Hollywood

Hamburger Marys West Hollywood

WeHo is a vibrant neighborhood with lots of opportunities for sidewalk dining and people watching, two of my favorite activities, plus plenty of shopping and restaurants. It’s one the largest gay communities in the nation and is always bursting with energy.

Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills

Pretty much every successful celeb has a million-dollar house up here. Stalking celebs is fun, but you can be more discreet about it by going to Runyon Canyon Park. Besides keeping an eye out for Jason Bateman, Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad, Jake Gyllenhaal and countless other big names, you can hike on hilly walking trails, including several that allow off-leash dogs. It’s a fun workout and provides a nice view of the city (though not quite as nice as the Griffith Observatory.)

What’s your favorite part of Los Angeles?

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  1. I have been to L.A. only once. I know I would have hated it if I hadn’t been visiting someone who lives there that knows the best parts of the city. Good tips for those who don’t have the luxury of a personal tour guide.

  2. I haven’t been to LA in ages! Nice information about the neighborhoods. I’d like to check them all out when I get down there. Hiking Runyon Canyon Park also sounds like fun.

  3. I love Griffith Park, Los Feliz area too. Hiking is something that Bob and I try to do a lot and this area has some really great hikes.

    Other areas I like are Pasadena and Venice Beach.

  4. Ironic hipsters live in K-Town (Koreatown), fyi.

    And not one mention of anything in the Valley(s) or East LA?! For shame! You really must venture outside the “tourist triangle” next time you are out this way.

  5. We were in LA in January just for one day and discovered an area called Manhattan Beach which was very nice. And, unusually for California (I think) you didn’t need a car to get there. There was a little tram running back and forth between Manhattan beach and the airport.

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