November links: Mystery houses, atomic museums, Philly murals

Philadelphia Carpenters Hall

Philadelphia has loads of interesting historic sites, but there's a lot more to do while you're there.


It’s the end of another month, and November was a great one here, with lots of love for our Pittsburgh articles. In December, my featured travel destination will be Austin, Texas, with a new Austin article running every Monday. In addition, I’ll have a post about a silly attraction in Iowa called the Farm Toy Museum, another road trip tips post, and an article about airline fees (I actually don’t mind them!) Stay tuned.

Featured personal link:

Three fascinating Pittsburgh museums: Warhol, Heinz History and Fort Pitt
By now, you’ve probably seen my most epic post to date, 66 More Things I Love About Pittsburgh, since I promoted it like crazy. You may have missed this earlier post about three of the city’s most interesting museums, including my favorite museum anywhere, the Warhol. You must experience the pillow room!

November travel links of interest:

Strux Travel: Side Trip – Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
People have told me about this place for years and I’m disappointed to say I never got around to checking it out. Michael describes in great detail this weird house, built by an eccentric heiress, that has secret passageways, doors that lead to nowhere, and a creepy obsession with the number 13. It sounds just like a mansion from an episode of Scooby Doo – all it needs is a trap door to capture Daphne and someone to knock of Velma’s glasses!

The Travelin’ Gringo: Testing… Testing… The Atomic Museum in Las Vegas
Here’s a cool place I missed when I hit up Vegas. The Atomic Museum describes the history of nuclear testing that took place outside Las Vegas in the 1950s. Glen at the Travelin’ Gringo provides photos of the museum’s artifacts, displays and newspaper coverage. I wish I had known about this when I was in town.

Globetrotter Girls: Go Beyond Philadelphia’s historic sites
There’s so much to do in the City of Brotherly Love, how can you even know where to start? If you want to move beyond the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks, Jess and Dani provide a nice batch of markets, mosaics, murals and micro-brews worth checking out. That reminds me, I need to get back to Philly soon!

A Dangerous Business: You can live a “normal” life and travel too
Here’s a great post for anyone who has ever wished they could travel as often as travel bloggers. Amanda points out that even if you have a 9-to-5 job, you can save money and save up vacation time to make your travel dreams come true. That’s how I got started!

Christopher Elliott: Passenger forced to stand for a seven-hour airline flight
This one was all over the news. On a full flight, one man ended up with an obese man sitting next to him, forcing him to stand for the entire flight. And this wasn’t just any flight; it was a direct Philadelphia-to-Alaska flight. Seven hours! There’s absolutely no way I would have done that. How bout you?

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