November Roundup: Sandy Aftermath, Bourbon Street and Intentional Waterboarding

Philadelphia Magic Gardens

Philadelphia Magic Gardens


This month I’m adding a new feature to the monthly links column. Each month, I get people landing on my website after searching for some bizarre phrases in Google. Take a look at a sampling of November’s strange search terms, followed by a selection of some of my favorite articles from the travel world over the past few weeks.

Google search terms of the month:

which region in france would you go to attend a sauerkraut festival” – I have no idea! I did write about a sauerkraut festival once, but that one takes place in Vermont. Now I’m stoked to hear there are multiple sauerkraut festivals in existence!

build a bear scat jeans outfit” – An outfit made from bear scat? Um, I have no idea what this person was looking for.

cuban restaurant in miami with giant chicken statue in the front” – Ah, I love it when some obscure fact I wrote comes in handy for a reader. I assume he found the answer in my Little Havana post.

pix of people naked in yellowstone” – Sorry, I can’t help you with that on this blog. You, sir, are seeking a different site.

can i travel to america if i have not paid a parking ticket from a trip 14 years ago” – I’m going to go out on a limb and say YES. Of course you can! You will not be locked up at the border. I think.

Featured personal link:

Repurposing old junk into art at Philadelphia Magic Gardens


I love this place and highly recommend taking a look at the post if you haven’t yet. A Philadelphia artist has livened up neighborhoods by creating murals made of glass, old toys, bike wheels, and other random pieces of junk. If you need an art fix, this is the ultimate place to get it.

November travel links of interest:

Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures: Hurricane Sandy: Exploring the Darkness in Manhattan

Aaron is a world traveler who found himself back at home in NYC when Hurricane Sandy ripped through. He did a great job of documenting what he saw as he walked around the city. Even though we heard a lot about the storm on the news, Aaron’s pics provided a more personal perspective and showed just how the neighborhoods and local businesses were affected. I love the images from the bar/restaurant that stayed open by candlelight.

Travels at 88mph: The Ice Never Ends Up North

Not many people travel to Wrangell-St. Elias, the largest national park in America, tucked into the eastern side of Alaska. I only stopped by for 10 minutes myself since I was driving a rental car and you can’t take those onto the park’s dirt roads. Rebecca went much farther into the park, reaching the abandoned mining town of Kennecott and hiking through glacial ice caves.

pools inside glacier

The glaciers I encountered this summer in Alaska.


Travels of Adam: Closing Thoughts on the Great American Hipster Project

Adam spent two months traveling around the U.S. to find hipster havens in many of the nation’s biggest cities. If you missed his journey, get caught up with this wrap-up post documenting the highlights. I especially enjoyed the Texas and Ohio portions, since I haven’t spent enough time in either of those states.

The Downtown Traveler: First Impressions of New Orleans: Bourbon Street

Leslie spent Thanksgiving week in New Orleans and captured the spirit of the city with some great photos from Bourbon Street and beyond, that depict jazz, fine dining and public drinking. I know some friends who have visited New Orleans during Christmas and New Year’s. It seems that the Big Easy has become a popular vacation destination during the holidays.

french quarter new orleans

My view of New Orleans on my last trip there.


Expert Vagabond: Waterboarding Yourself for Fun

I’ve seen Bear Grylls rappel down a waterfall a couple times, and it always looked incredibly unpleasant. But Matthew at Expert Vagabond decided to do just that during a canyoning adventure near Quebec. And he managed to take pictures at the same time. That is madness. In a good way.

The Planet D: Get Off Your Smartphone and Talk to Me!

Deb and Dave cut right to the chase in this post about how technology is replacing simplicity when it comes to travel and life in general. The fact that you can update your Facebook status from Mt. Everest is a real eye-opener. I want to print out this post and give it to everyone at my local coffee shop, where every single person sits as his/her own table with a laptop, instead of socializing and meeting people.

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  1. I love looking at search terms. They’re always so bizarre!
    And just so you know, there’s a sauerkraut festival here near Cincinnati, Ohio, too. It takes place in Lebanon, Ohio in September every year. You might want to mark your calendar. 🙂
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