October Links: The Alamo, pow wows and missing museums

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October was a crazy month around these parts. I took a 2 1/2 week bus trip around the east coast, with stops in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, North Carolina and Atlanta. I saw the White House vegetable garden up close, experienced history and futuristic art in Philly, and fought back tears at the Martin Luther King National Historic Site in Atlanta.

Stay tuned for all the stories, starting next month when Philadelphia serves as the Featured Travel Destination.

This month, I also partnered with Residence Inn’s Thrival Guide, which provides trusted referrals from travelers regarding what to see and do in various cities. There’s nothing better than to be able to read tips and info from previous travelers to help guide your own visit. I contributed nearly a dozen of my own tips from Washington DC. Take a look at their guide to share and gain local knowledge.

And earlier in October I was interviewed on TraveLinkSites. Click to check out my words of wisdom about travel within the U.S.

Featured personal link:

Photographs of photographers taking photographs at the Chicago Bean sculpture

A photo essay in which I take pictures of other people taking pictures. You never run out of people to watch at the Chicago Cloud Gate Sculpture, aka the Bean.


October travel links of interest:

Bucket List Journey: Attending a Colorful Native American Pow Wow

Thanks to her husband’s ancestry, Annette got to attend a Native American pow wow near Portland. Take a look at the beautiful colors, the intricate artwork, the dance moves, and the traditional foods, and listen to the music in a video clip. Most of us don’t know nearly enough about Native American cultures, so this would be a fantastic cultural learning experience.

That Backpacker: A Missing Museum & the Wrong Side of Town

Why is misfortune so funny? In this case, Audrey writes about taking the NYC subway through some rough neighborhoods in search of the MoMA Queens, only to discover it ceased to exist five years ago. Oops! We’ve all been there, in some way or another.

Hecktic Travels: Travel on the Radio

Put travel and music together and you’ve got my attention. Dalene and Pete got to play DJ recently on a Calgary radio station and wrote about the experience. Their choices aren’t particularly travel-related, but that’s the beauty of creating playlists – you get to select the songs that are meaningful to you. Props to them for including such acts as Beirut and the Cranberries.

Southwest Compass: The Alamo – A Look Behind the Walls

The one time I tried to visit the historic Alamo, my travel van broke down and had to be towed back to Austin. I never ended up making it to the Alamo, but now I feel like I’ve been there thanks to Lane and Juliet, who explain the site’s history and present some nice photos of the place.

Chrystal Clear: My Criteria for the Perfect City

Here’s a good conversation starter. Chrystal asks what criteria make a perfect city. The answer is different for everybody. Personally, I need a lot of nature (parks, forest, rivers), a diverse population, good public transportation, a progressive mindset, and a good concert scene. I’m not asking for too much, am I?

The Atlantic Cities: Please Bring This to America: Heated Bike Lanes

How much do I love the Netherlands? I’ve never even been there but it sounds like an amazing place. They’re actually studying how to create heated bike lanes so that commuters can ride their two-wheelers even during snowy winters. I love the Dutch.

Note: For my participation with the Thrival Guide, I received stipend to use for my reviews and a one-night stay at the Residence Inn.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Scott! Although I would argue that our picks were DEFINITELY travel related, maybe they didn’t contain the word “travel”, but we saw all those bands on the road (with the exclusion of the last two…) 🙂
    Dalene recently posted..Postcards from Alberta

    • That’s cool… concerts are always better on the road, aren’t they? I love when I’m in a strange city and one of my favorite bands happens to be performing there.

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