Seeing Philadelphia From Above at the Top of City Hall Tower

city hall tower

Here’s a quick post today to highlight the City Hall Tower tour in Philadelphia. City Hall is one of Philadelphia’s most iconic buildings. The 548-foot tower with the statue of William Penn is immediately recognizable as one of the city’s tallest and most eye-catching structures.

The cool thing is that visitors can ride an elevator up to the top of the tower to see the City of Brotherly Love from one of its coolest vantage points.

city hall tower tour

philadelphia from above

From the ground, the statue of William Penn atop the tower looks like it might be 5-10 feet tall. But it’s actually a whopping 37 feet tall! In fact, it’s the tallest statue atop any building in the world.

When you’re up close, you can really see just how massive bronze Billy Penn is.

william penn statue

You’ll get great views of the city from up here, although you will have to contend with the glare and reflection from the glass windows. Tours run every 15 minutes. The tower itself is 511 feet up, while the Penn statue adds the extra 37 feet.

city skyscrapers

Visiting Philadelphia City Hall shouldn’t be as high priority as seeing the Rocky Statue or Philadelphia Magic Gardens, but it might still be worth a stop if you have the time.

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