41 Pictures from Cuba That Show Life in Havana and Nearby Towns

Here it is, our collection of pictures from Cuba that show several different sides of life on the island. When I think about my trip to Cuba, one of the lasting memories I have is the image of bands playing in restaurants and bars. They were everywhere, in all the towns I visited, adding to the ambience and experience.


Another interesting thing I noticed in Cuba was a handful of barbershops on people’s front porches. In a country where the temperature is always sweltering, being outside in the shade is often cooler than being indoors. So it makes perfect sense that all the barbershops are on porches.

pictures from cuba - porch barbershop

These were just two of the fascinating images from my week on the island. Scroll down for a few dozen more images of Cuba in this closer look into the lives and the landscapes of the country of Cuba.

Havana Photo Essay: Pictures from Cuba

The city wall in Havana was built in the late 1600s to protect against pirate attacks. It utilized moats and gates. Today, a small fragment still remains in Old Havana:


Old Havana is a scenic place because of all of the old buildings. You feel like you’re experiencing history walking around in this part of the city.

The beaches in Cuba were some of the most beautiful I have ever visited. Especially the warm waters of Cayo Jutias, the starfish beach.


cuba beautiful pictures beach

Tourists wander through a street market in Viñales:


Buy some stereotypical Cuban items at the market!


Another outdoor art market in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana:

images of cuba - vedado sidewalk market

A produce market in Centro Habana sold the biggest avocados I’ve ever seen. They were only 10 CUP each, which works out to 50 cents U.S.!


Here’s one thing Cuba does better than the U.S. Their stoplights have countdowns that let drivers know how many seconds until the light turns green!


Another shot of scenic Viñales Valley:


The view from the front seat of one of Havana’s many taxis.


For a cuter way to get around town, take a ride in a cucu taxi!


A couple of aerial shots of Cuba from the airplane leaving the country:

Experiencing American History Up Close at Pearl Harbor


havana images - cuba from airplane

Old Havana photos are some of the more interesting pics I captured.

horse carriage - old havana photos

Almost every country has street art, and Cuba is no exception. These Havana street art pictures are just a couple of the many pieces of street art I encountered during my visit.

cartoon street art havana pictures

fred flintstone street art cuba

Classic American cars are still in use all throughout Cuba. I took a city tour in a ’56 Chevy convertible. You can book classic car tours that will show you pretty much the entire city of Havana in less than two hours.

cuba classic car photographs - car monument

Scroll down to see more Cuba photography and pictures from Havana. Enjoy the rest of the photo essay!

old havana images

places to photograph in havana - defend revolucion



















cuba photography - classic cars havana


Here’s another source for images of Havana and Cuba photography. Cuba is clearly a photographer’s dream since there are so many interesting and unique sights to capture in Old Havana and beyond.

And don’t forget to check out our in-depth guide to visiting Havana.

Which are your favorites pictures from Cuba?

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  1. Cuba is one of my most interesting & expensive trips I have made & I have travelled extensively throughout the world.
    26 days,11 cities,2,200kms, 12 Casa particulars, 1 domestic flight, 3 Islands,& countless sightings of El Che Billboards & a few thousand dollars later. Hotels which are frequented by wealthy tourists are normally on a beach, shut off from everyday life of Cubans whose life is an everyday scramble to live. They are wonderful people, hospitable, artistic but sadly, living in a bygone era.
    Friends whom I made there in 2010 are
    constantly without medical supplies, certain food items & buying a mobile phone is an impossibility for the average Cuban who is employed.
    Visiting may be fun but for those wonderfully endearing natives of Cuba,
    life is a struggle, I know this as I witnessed first hand the shortages of most commodities & am in touch weekly with 3 families there.
    Covid is rife & trying to post a parcel of Vitamins/clothing etc, as I used to do is now impossible.
    Sanctions must be lifted by US President
    in order for this beautiful Island & her people to survive.

  2. These are great photos, thanks for sharing such a up close and personal look at the local culture of Cuba. We’d love to go! Can I ask how you traveled to Cuba? Did you go with a sanctioned tour group?

    1. Thanks Patti! I went with a friend flying through Mexico. It’s easy enough to visit now just like any other place. I’m working on a FAQ article answering questions about buses/taxis, money exchange, and other logistical concerns for traveling to Cuba.

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