Photo Teaser #19: Pittsburgh mystery pics

Since the “66 more things I love about Pittsburgh” article from Monday has already become the most popular article in site history (thanks to yinz guys for reading and sharing!), I had to make this week’s Photo Teaser Pittsburgh-related as well. Apologies to those of you not from the Burgh on this one.

This concept of this Photo Teaser is simple: Take a look at these five pics and try to guess where in the city of Pittsburgh each one was taken. You’re welcome to leave a guess in the comment section below, but because I hate keeping people in suspense, you can find out the answers immediately by heading to the Photo Teaser Answer Key and scrolling down to Teaser #19. Good luck!

(And to test your sleuthing skills with photos from other places around the U.S., take a look at my complete history of Photo Teaser challenges.)


photo teaser 19a


photo teaser 19b


photo teaser 3


photo teaser 19d


photo teaser 19e

Find the answers at the Photo Teaser Answer Key.


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3 comments on “Photo Teaser #19: Pittsburgh mystery pics

  1. A=Art Institute of Pittsburgh facade at 421 Blvd. of the Allies as seen from the parking structure across the street
    B=Kaleidoscope Restaurant on 43rd St. in Lawrenceville, owned by our own Dan Robinson, former owner of Cafe du Jour and JPs on Southside
    E=Fort Duquesne Bridge from the northside into downtown

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