Photo teaser #22: Mystery skyline

photo teaser 22

Today’s photo teaser is simple. Name that city!

Your first instinct is probably wrong, so if you’re certain you’ve got it, check out the Photo Teaser Answer Key to verify your answer.


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8 comments on “Photo teaser #22: Mystery skyline

  1. Aaak! You called an audible! My first instinct was, indeed, Las Vegas. But when you said “your first instinct is probably wrong,” I thought, “Oh, China has done a knock-off of NYNY in Las Vegas — which is itself a knockoff of the REAL NYC.” But, alas, I shoulda gone with my instincts. Once again.
    Thanks for posting these.
    Michele recently posted..A Patchwork Jumble Retrospective – 2011

    • Hmm, I like the idea of a knockoff of a knockoff. And then there could be a knockoff of the knockoff of a knockoff. The possibilities make my head spin!

  2. Vegas came to mind when I looked at it first but then I read your next line. Also, another look at the photo made me notice that everything was too close together — Vegas is more spread out. Haven’t been to Atlantic City in a while — could it be?
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Best of Travel 2011

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