Photo Teaser #41: Relaxing in the middle of nowhere

photo teaser 41

Ah, the perks of traveling… sometimes, you get to relax on a beautiful couch in the middle of nowhere. Can you guess where this pic was taken?

Try to guess the state. If you recognize the actual city/town, you’re an insane hardcore traveler who should probably seek help.

Check out the Photo Teaser Answer Key for the solution.


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9 comments on “Photo Teaser #41: Relaxing in the middle of nowhere

  1. That is SO cool! I love all those random out-of-place things 🙂

    Have you ever flipped through any of the “Weird ______” books? [Ex: Weird New England, Weird Massachusetts, etc] They showcase some of the neat, random, & strange things about different states. Lots of fun to browse through. Strikes me as something you might be interested in 🙂
    MassachusEATS recently posted..Fall beer = love

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