Grand Canyon North Rim: Photos From the Less-Visited Side of the Park

Now that we’ve discussed hiking into the Grand Canyon and the wildlife of the Grand Canyon, it’s time to wrap up our Canyon coverage with a few good old-fashioned photos.

My visit was at the Grand Canyon North Rim, the less-crowded side that sits higher than the South Rim. It provides different (some would say better) views than those you always see from the South Rim.

Here are some Grand Canyon North Rim photos, in case you’d like to see how things look over on that side.

Scenery Approaching the Canyon

The mountainous scenery on the way to the North Rim is pretty spectacular. Imagine living in a place like this. If I lived here, I’d have to take up rock climbing.

How could you see this magnificent landscape as your everyday backyard view and not want to climb to the top?

northern arizona mountains

Look, it’s the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River! Or not. This smaller, fake-out canyon is one you’ll pass on the drive to the North Rim.

fake grand canyon

We stayed at the Demotte Campground in the Kaibab National Forest, just seven miles from the canyon and perhaps the cheapest and closest place to stay near the North Rim.

It was a typical campground in a forested area with a first-come, first-serve policy. I’d recommend it as a lodging option for budget Grand Canyon travelers.

Demotte Campground

There are actually huge sections of forest on the sides of the North Rim.

grand canyon forest

One of my biggest surprises after arriving at the North Rim was the number of trees. “This doesn’t look like the Grand Canyon view I’ve seen in so many pictures!,” I thought.

grand canyon trees

The trees give the North Rim a different look from the other side. The elevation here is higher (between 8000 and 9000 feet), the temperatures are cooler, and the green foliage adds some color to the scenery.

Because it’s colder and snowy, the North Rim actually closes between December and early May. See the official NPS site for word on when the North Rim is open each year.

Photos From the Grand Canyon North Rim

Self-portrait from a North Rim viewing platform.

grand canyon self

The sidewalk at the North Rim. Don’t fall over the side – it’s a slight drop of 8,000 feet to the bottom.

north rim sidewalk

I love the contrast of a couple of dead trees against the full canyon in the background.

canyon dead trees

The trees also create some cool visuals during sunset.

canyon sunset

Don’t go touching these bushes or you’ll get a thorny surprise!

north rim grand canyon photos

Folks line up to walk down to a North Rim viewing point at golden hour. Few places in America are as scenic as the Grand Canyon just before sunset!

north rim viewpoint

A view into the interior of the Canyon.

interior canyon

Have I mentioned a few dozen times that I saw an extremely rare California condor at the Grand Canyon? There are only a few hundred alive in the wild, but they do show up fairly often at the Canyon.

This fellow lorded over the park and kept watch on everything going on below.

canyon condor

And then there’s the traditional Grand Canyon view.

grand canyon

For further reading, check out our collection of Grand Canyon fun facts. And read about an often-overlooked Arizona attraction, Saguaro National Park.

If you’ve made it to the Grand Canyon North Rim, what were your impressions?