Places I want to travel in 2015

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The title says it all. After a year in which I visited Louisville, Detroit, Puerto Vallarta, New Orleans, Houston, and Shreveport, among others, where am I hoping to find quirky adventures over the next 12 months? Here’s my 2015 bucket list.

Glacier National Park

I’ve been to numerous national parks over the years, from Denali to Death Valley to Yellowstone. One that has eluded me so far is Glacier in Montana. It has everything I want: Hiking and camping opportunities, bears, mountain goats (the one large mammal I still haven’t seen in the wild!), and of course, glaciers, which are melting fast and could be gone within another decade. This is my top priority among national parks.


brooklyn street

It’s been too long since I experienced New York City. My last visit was in late 2012, and that was only a day trip. The time has come to return, and this time I want to focus on Brooklyn, Manhattan’s cooler cousin. It would be awesome to spend a few days in the B-K and explore beyond just Williamsburg, which is where I’ve limited my time in the past.


I’ve done Toronto and Vancouver and even the Yukon, but so far Montreal (and all of Quebec, actually) has remained a mystery. Montreal seems to be one of the most culturally interesting North American cities, so I hope to get a chance to check it out soon.

Puerto Rico

Having recently discovered the thrilling news that Southwest flights to San Juan are basically the same price as flights to New York City, I am actively working out how I can travel to Puerto Rico this summer. I’m considering the logistics of a 5- to 7-day vacation with my partner that includes beach time, city exploration in San Juan, and a trip to the national parks and jungles. Maybe even a drive around the entire island, if time and finances allow.


seattle skyline

It seems like the Pacific Northwest is on my wishlist every year. I love Seattle and can’t wait to go back, especially since it’s on the shortlist of places I may want to move to someday. The only tricky part about scheduling a Seattle trip is that if I go all the way out there, I’d want to also pop up to Vancouver and down to Portland, and doing that makes the journey expensive and time-consuming. Maybe I can force myself to be less ambitious and settle for seeing one great city instead of trying to squeeze in three.

Mexico City

I love Mexico, and I’m itching to see a new side of it. Having explored the touristy beach communities of Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, as well as small towns in the Coahuila province, I’m ready to check out life in Mexico’s urban metropolis. My Spanish is slowly getting better, so maybe I can actually converse with people now.

Utah’s national parks

During my big cross-country van trip a few years back, I didn’t give Utah enough attention. A couple days in Salt Lake City was all I could spare. I imagine taking one epic trip and seeing Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Capital Reef, and Bryce Canyon over the span of several days.

Where do you want to travel in 2015?


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  1. Happy New Year Scott! I love your list of places you want to visit- because it sort of mirrors mine:-). Looking forward to reading your blog posts again! You give me great ideas when I go on trips. Your info here on Seattle is so right on! We also love the PNW! We can never get enough of Portland! and Seattle and Vancouver are just magnificent cities. Happy Travels to you!

  2. You’ve got some great destinations on your list – and the national parks in Utah are spectacular, well-worth any effort to get there. We’re heading over to Europe for 3 months; Germany, Belgium, Spain and France – six weeks of our time will be spent walking the Camino de Santiago. Safe travels ~

  3. Hi Scott,

    You have a nice little checklist there. I’ve only been to NYC once and that was for a weekend in 2008. I would love to get back there.

    There’s quite a lot on your list where I’ve never been to, certainly not Montana, Mexico Seattle or Montreal. Hopefully your experiences will have me desperate to visit them too.

  4. you will love Montreal!!! I live only a couple hours away so it’s a fairly regular, short road trip for me but I feel like I’m in a different country when I’m there. Especially in the old Montreal, cobblestone streets, incredibly beautiful old stone buildings, and the food is incredible. It’s a vibrant city and very European too, of course. If you do get to Montreal and have time, drive a few more hours east to Quebec City as well….it’s even MORE European and of course it’s a walled-city as a high stone wall sorrounds a portion of the city. It’s definitely worth the visit. I’ll be doing a post on Quebec city soon as I was there for a couple days last summer…will send you the post when I’m done in case it helps inspire you 🙂

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