Previewing the Zany Seattle Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair

seattle solstice parade

Lately I’ve been reading about a lot of great parties around the world, from the Ft. Lauderdale Great American Beach Party to the Night of Radishes in Oaxaca, so I want to share one of my favorites.

The Seattle Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade are total zany, wacky goofiness. The Seattle event takes place each June. The event is usually preceded by the local edition of the World Naked Bike Ride, followed by the Solstice Parade and then the fair.

What can you expect if you decide to visit and take part in the festivities? Read on for some images from previous events!

Images from the Solstice Parade

The best way to communicate the craziness of this event is to show it, with a photo gallery of shots I took during the event a few years back.

solstice parade belly dancers
Belly dancers… look at us!
solstice parade pope
The Pope reminds revelers not to get too crazy.
solstice parade weirdos
Nice slacks, gentlemen.
solstice parade giant ball
Touch the giant ball!
solstice parade spaghetti monster
Giant walking pasta at the Seattle Solstice Parade!
squirt gun girl
I want to be this girl’s friend.
fremont fair art car floppy disk
The Fremont Fair featured this floppy disk vehicle.
fremont fair toynota
Who wouldn’t want to drive the Toynota?
fremont fair blue van
Imagine driving across the country in this baby.
seattle solstice parade floral car
Now this is a car for me! A smart, paisley floral ride.
fremont fair teeth car
Yikes, it’s the Denture-mobile! Another cool car at the Fremont Fair.

Details About the 2024 Seattle Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair

The Solstice Parade was founded in 1989. It serves as the opening event for the Fremont Fair each June. The parade typically ends in Gas Works Park, where the celebration continues.

The parade has as its guideline a set of rules: “No written words, signage or recognizable logos; no motorized vehicles (except wheelchairs); no live animals (except guide animals); and no functional weapons.”

The Fair is usually around the same time each year, in mid to late June. This is a fantastic event if you want to see the offbeat side of Seattle and just have some goofy fun.

The 2024 Fremont Solstice Parade has been confirmed to take place on Saturday, June 22 at 2 pm.

The parade route runs from the intersection of Leary Way NW and NW 36th Street, and runs down NW 36th St to Evanston Ave N., where it turns onto Fremont Ave. and then onto NW 34th Street.

The Fremont Fair has grown dramatically and now features several local sponsors and a weekend full of events. There’s live music, a craft market, a dog parade, and a whole lot of food trucks and beer vendors.

The fair will run on both June 17 and 18. If you’re driving, expect heavy traffic that will be backed up.

Where should you park for the Fremont Solstice Fair?

There’s precious little parking here. It’s mostly street parking, and it will be full for blocks in every direction.

If you can’t take public transit or bike here, I suggest trying to park closer to Gas Works Park and walking over.

I’ve had good luck parking on N 34th St. between the Aurora Bridge and Gas Works Park. Expect at least a 20-minute walk from there.

Summer in Seattle is definitely the best time to visit, and this event sort of serves as a way to kickoff the summer.

For more fun activities in the city, see my one day in Seattle guide. Other noteworthy attractions include a day trip to Whidbey Island, the famous Gum Wall at Pike Place, the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood, and Mt. Rainier, which you can see from several places in the city.

See also our guide to the best tours in Seattle.

Have you attended the Seattle Solstice Parade & Fremont Fair? Or a similar event somewhere else in the world?