QTG Summer Plans: Road Trip + Iceland Adventure!

Having already spent four months in Mexico City and taken a snorkeling trip to the remote national park of Dry Tortugas, 2017 has been my favorite travel year yet.

And it’s about get a whole lot more exciting. This week, I leave Chicago for my new homebase of Seattle. But I’m going to take 5 weeks to get there, because I’ll be stopping at 3 U.S. national parks, 3 Canadian national parks, and a few big Canadian cities along the way!


I won’t have time to blog on a daily basis during this trip, but you can see all the adventures as they happen on Instagram. So follow me there as I road trip through Isle Royale National Park in Michigan, Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota, the cities of Winnipeg and Calgary, Banff and Jasper National Parks in Canada, and then the connected parks of Waterton Lakes and Glacier National Park.

In August, I’ll settle in Seattle, and just a couple weeks later it’s off to Iceland! Ten days in Reykjavik and the famous Ring Road… this will be one of the coolest adventures I’ve had yet and I can’t wait to share the photos and videos here. Stay tuned!

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