From nude beaches to karaoke booths: The 10 quirkiest sights at Toronto’s CN Tower

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When I visited Toronto’s famed CN Tower, I expected cool views of the city from 1815 feet above. I did not expect to see a karaoke booth, a moose painted like a Mountie, and a nude beach(!)


But first, photos of the CN Tower in all its glory. The cool thing is that it can be seen from all over the city, and it looks different from just about every angle.





The quirkiest things at the CN Tower:

1. The moose painted like a Mountie


This is easily the coolest sight at the tower. Two iconic, stereotypical “Canadian” things come together as part of one beautiful, ridiculous fiberglass creature.

2. Funny signage


This one confused me for a while. Help me out – I’m assuming the figure on the right side is supposed to represent a baby?


This sign is the best. It apparently means, “Do not climb up the wire meshing and jump off the CN Tower.” Evidently, some people need to be told this.

3. Whatever the hell this is


It’s found near the tower entrance. Apparently it’s a sculpture of sports fans, some of whom appear to be angrily protesting referee calls. Weird.

4. A large Superman display


It’s probably no longer there, but when I visited, the Superman film Man of Steel was popular, so there was this large display dedicated to the movie. I’m not used to seeing advertisements in 3D, so I was definitely thrown by the sight of the superhero’s headless torso.

5. People afraid of the glass floor



Much like the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago, the CN Tower has a glass floor. I’m always amazed that some people are scared to walk on glass floors like these. Come on, that glass is not suddenly going to break under your weight, after all these years of other people walking on it! The kids I saw at the tower had no such concerns.

6. A karaoke booth and an air hockey table


There’s a game room here. Who knew? Don’t miss the chance to belt out your favorite Celine Dion tune during your visit.

7. Zucchini fritter with smoke Atlantic salmon


Yeah, there’s a restaurant inside the tower. For some reason, I didn’t expect that, but it makes perfect sense. Everybody loves to eat way high up in the air.

8. The airport


Toronto’s main airport is Pearson International, but there’s a smaller airport right into the Harbor Islands called Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. From the top of the tower, it’s easy to look down and see the small aircraft arriving and departing. The runway looks so tiny from way up here.

9. Moose pajamas


I could do an entire article highlighting the quirky items in the tower’s gift shop, but the moose pjs are my favorite.

10. The nude beach


There’s a nude beach in the Harbor Islands at Hanlan’s Point, which is strange enough, since nude beaches are rare in Canada. What’s even stranger is that you can see down into the nude beach from the CN Tower! Sure, it’s really far away, and you might just see shapes and blobs, but if you bring a zoom camera or use the binoculars atop the tower, you can play voyeur and observe the naked people who think they’re sunbathing in private. Crazy!

The image above is what you can see of the nude beach with your bare eyes. It’s just a long stretch of sand, and nobody was there during the early morning hours of my visit.

The views from the CN Tower

Oh, and do you want to see the actual view from the CN Tower? Okay, here are a few obligatory shots.





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