Quirky Attraction: Chill Out ice cream

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Chill Out Desserts & Ice Cream Parlor
Location: Ridley Park, Pennsylvania
When to visit: Any day 3-9 pm, except winter months
Cost: Depends on your purchase; generally $1-5
Time needed to enjoy: 30 minutes

I might be the world’s biggest ice cream fan. It is honestly an integral part of my diet. And I particularly love soft serve. I used to be a regular at a place in Pittsburgh that offered more than 20 varieties of soft serve, including such unusual choices as pistachio, pineapple and peach.

So imagine my surprise when I was driving on the other side of the state in Ridley Park, near the Delaware border, and saw a sign advertising 125 flavors of soft serve! It was my nirvana.

The place is called Chill Out, and their menu is extensive. I was really intrigued by the peanut butter & jelly flavor, but I opted for banana cinnamon. My friend Robin went with coconut custard pie, just because it was so ridiculous. The girl behind the counter even laughed when she ordered it. Because who orders coconut custard pie-flavored soft serve?

The ice cream was delicious and tasted just like the descriptions. I haven’t had a chance to return to Chill Out, but with flavors like peach cheesecake, Kahlua colada, and German chocolate cake, the place is calling me back.

Chill Out has a website that lists the parlor’s full soft serve menu at the bottom of the page. Which flavor would you eat?


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  1. Hi there! Glad you came in and enjoyed! We’re open 3-9 in the Winter months, extend our hours as it gets warmer…in high summer we’re actually open 12-10 during the week and 12-11 on Fridays and Saturdays. Coconut Custard Pie is actually a pretty popular flavor…don’t know why you guys got a giggle by ordering that one. 🙂

    Thank you and hope you have cause to come around and try another flavor!

      1. Our soft serve is the highest butterfat soft serve available…however, it IS lower in fat than regular ice cream, so justify away. (BTW, when were you guys in?)

  2. Love this place!! We seem to end up in there about once a week even though I have to drive past the ‘national chain’ water ice stand to get there! They are incredibly nice and will let you taste a new flavor before you commit to a full-sized serving or will let you mix flavors/scoops. I’ve been to other places that won’t.

    It’s the only place I go anymore.

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