Quirky Attraction: Fort Nashborough, Nashville

fort nashborough

Fort Nashborough
Location: Nashville, TN
When to visit: Open from 9 am to 4 pm
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 10 minutes
Website: www.nashville.gov/parks/historic/fortnashborough.asp

In downtown Nashville, not far from a stretch of honky tonk bars, sits a replica of the fort that established Nashville. A group of pioneers settled along the river on January 1, 1780 (kudos to them for working on the holiday.)

Fort Nashborough as it exists today is not the original settlement, but rather a reconstruction. So the fort serves more as a history lesson than a true authentic experience.

nashborough sign

It’s free to walk through the grounds. Signs give visitors an idea of what it was like to live in early Nashville. The site was actually used to house settlers during a period of Native American battles, as the natives, seeing the American Revolution as an opportunity to fight back against the white man, launched regular attacks against the colonists.

log cabins nashborough

nashborough cabins

Four log cabins sit on the grounds. Signs explain that the original settlement was 247 feet by 123 feet, four times the size of the replica, and featured cabins for family living and blockade houses around the perimeter used for defense.

The early settlers especially enjoyed their view of the hundred-million dollar stadium across the river used to play football, which hadn’t been invented yet.

LP field Nashville

Those interested in history and early settlements might find Fort Nashborough worth visiting. It’s not necessarily worth going out of your way for, but you’ll be in the area anyway because of those cowboy bars, so…

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