Quirky Attraction: The Rutgers Grease Trucks in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Rutgers grease trucks

Rutgers grease trucks
Location: Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
When to visit: Any time from early in the day until late at night
Cost: Depends on purchase, generally $6-10
Time needed: 15-30 minutes
Website: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grease_trucks (Wikipedia)

As I discovered during a visit to Rutgers University a few years back, the place to stuff your face in town is the collection of campus “grease trucks” that serve “Fat sandwiches” – various types of sandwich loaded with all sorts of greasy goodies guaranteed to clog your arteries.

Yes, it’s hideous and unhealthy, but how can you not partake in the local delicacy? Adam from Man vs. Food, one of my favorite shows, even filmed part of an episode here.

Rutgers fat sandwiches
Outside one of the famous Rutgers grease trucks.

The Fat Koko and the Fat Moon tempted me, but I went with the Fat Darrell – chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, french fries and marinara sauce piled onto a roll.

I actually thought it would be way more greasy than it was. I was expecting something similar to the Italian beef sandwich in Chicago, where you can barely hold it because the bread is sopping wet.

Instead, it looked like this:

Fat Darrell Sandwich Rutgers

Kind of a letdown, right? It’s not the most visually appealing thing I’ve ever seen. And a little more marinara would’ve been nice.

The cheese sticks were the best part. If I had to do it again? I’d replace the fries with onion rings. And add bacon. Oh yeah…

Rutgers grease trucks menu, hours, prices and parking information

The Rutgers grease trucks all serve basically the same menu items, and the sandwiches start at around $6.

You can also order a salad or grilled chicken, if you’re insane and want to try a “healthy” item from a “grease truck.”

There’s very little seating around the grease trucks, so be prepared to take your grub back home or just sit in the grass somewhere nearby. Parking is metered street parking.

They apparently stay open really late but don’t have set hours. I guess when the customers are gone, they shut down for the day.

Here’s a longer list of available Fat sandwiches from one truck.

Which one would you order? The Fat Moon sounds really good too — I think it’s cool to get some bacon and eggs on that sandwich!

Rutgers grease trucks menu

Update: The grease trucks have been removed from Lot 8 on campus

A while back, the grease trucks were removed from College Avenue after years of serving up fat sandwiches to university kids.

Why did they leave? New construction, of course. A 16-story dorm building went up in the old lot. Sigh.

Where have all the Rutgers grease trucks gone? Some moved elsewhere on campus or to other places around the city. Some of the trucks went away for good.

Fat Darrell created his own website and is still pimping his famous brand. The R U Hungry brand has a store on Hamilton Street.

Rutgers gave many of the trucks new places on campus, but they decreed that no more than two trucks could be clustered together.

So there will never again be the same massive food truck center that once existed. The trucks are a part of history.

The Man V Food video below is probably the best video document of just what it was like to eat at these trucks.

VIDEO: The Rutgers grease trucks on Man vs. Food

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Did you ever eat at the Rutgers grease trucks?