Quirky Attraction: U.S.-Mexico Pacific Ocean border

Tijuana border fence pacific ocean

U.S.-Mexico Pacific Ocean border
Location: Tijuana, Mexico
When to visit: Anytime
Cost: Free
Time needed to enjoy: 10 minutes

If you have occasion to visit Tijuana, Mexico, you’ll probably spend some time checking out the nightlife and maybe some of the art and cultural centers. (Hopefully you won’t get lost.)

Tijuana isn’t known for its beach, but if you do make the trip there, you can see the very spot where the United States meets Mexico. It’s funny to see the fence actually extending into the Pacific Ocean.

Tijuana beach

One note – you can’t approach this border fence from the U.S. side – that part of California is desolate and mountainous. And there are fences around the property, so I’m not sure it would even be legal to try to reach the fence from the U.S. side.

Instead, you have to go to Tijuana, where you can pretend to be locked out of the country.

Tijuana border fence


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