Quirky Food Review: Cheesie’s in Chicago


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Cost: About $10 for a sandwich and fries
Try this: Tradicion grilled cheese with chorizo & jalapenos
Website: www.cheesieschicago.com

The last Quirky Food establishment I profiled was Cheese-ology in St. Louis, a restaurant that only served macaroni & cheese (sadly, they closed in 2015.) Now, I’m really stretching myself and moving on to write about a place that only serves grilled cheese. Can you tell that someone likes cheese?

Cheesie’s in Chicago opened last year, but I didn’t get around to checking it out until recently. I was surprised this place only offered 7 varieties of sandwich, plus a sandwich of the month. They also serve fries, soup and salad. They actually have one grilled cheese with macaroni & cheese stuffed inside. Now that is cheese overload!

I tried the Tradicion, with chorizo, jalapenos and chihuahua cheese on Texas toast, as well as the Melt, which had chicken, bacon, cheese and tomatoes. Both were pretty good, though I was expecting a bit more zing in terms of flavor. The enchilada soup was hearty, but the chili was too greasy.

Cheesie’s is really small, so it’s a good place for takeout. It’s right in the busy Lakeview neighborhood under the train stop. They do have a handful of small tables and a bar if you get there early.

Grilled cheese may not rank up there with deep dish pizza, Chicago hot dogs, and other famous Chicago food, but it’s still a fun place to visit. They’re open reasonably late too, so you can stop in for some carbs after having a few drinks.

Would you eat at a restaurant that only served grilled cheese?

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  1. Ohhh, I loooooove cheese ~~ your food photo is looking really good on this stormy rainy night in SF.

    I should write about an awesome place in San Francisco that serves best grilled cheese sandwich around the area =DDD

  2. I’ve eaten from a food truck that only does grilled cheese. It was awesome. Especially the B&B melt that had Benton’s bacon and buttermilk cheddar.

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