Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon: The Most Awesome Day Trip from Las Vegas

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Hoover Dam or Red Rock Canyon? That was the choice I had to make with my one free day in Vegas. I had rented a car and wanted to take a day trip from Las Vegas to get out of the city, and these were my top options.

While I’m sure the Hoover Dam is cool, and I hope to see it one day, I’m so happy that Red Rock Canyon won out. Because my experience there climbing around on giant rocks and winding through canyons was hard to beat. One of my coolest outdoors experiences ever.

Much like the Jumbo Rocks section of Joshua Tree National Park, Red Rock Canyon offers the opportunity to jump on top of boulders and climb around as much as you want.

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Note: If you’re seeking a longer adventure than just a day trip, check out this Southwest road trip itinerary that goes from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and over to the Utah national parks!

What to See at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The entrance to Red Rock Canyon is not even a 30 minute drive from the heart of Vegas, so it’s an ideal day trip away from the gambling madness of the Strip. The conservation area offers gorgeous scenery. Joshua trees are everywhere as you enter the park.

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The best place for beginners to play on the rocks is in the Calico Hills section of the park, which can be reached at the first parking lot pullout past the visitor center on the 13-mile Scenic Drive.

calico parking lot

The climbing here is fairly easy, depending how far into the rocks you want to go. It’s cool that you get to see lots of deeper shades of red in the rocks, evidence of the sand dune fields that once dominated the area.

sand dunes frozen in time

Some people do bring climbing gear to scale the walls, but most visitors are tourists and families just having fun on the rocks.

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red rock canyon climbers

Tips for visiting Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

While climbing up a pile of rocks can be a ton of fun, take the proper precautions. Bring plenty of water, watch your step, and make sure you’ll have a path to get back. You don’t want to trap yourself in some awkward spot.

hikers calico hills

I encountered one group of people that had just spent an hour trying to find a way up out of the canyon they were exploring. I also saw several people way up on top of the mountain who looked like they might be stuck.

After Calico Hills, there are some other parts of Scenic Drive worth exploring. I would recommend the Petroglyph Wall Trail, where you can see petroglyphs. The wall art here is not ancient – one estimate says it’s approximately 800 years old – but it’s still cool to see drawings from a time before westerners explored the region.

petroglyphs red rocks

Normally Red Rock Canyon charges an entrance fee ($15 per vehicle as of 2018), although I lucked out by visiting during a non-fee day in January. The fee gives you all-day access to Scenic Drive.

scenic drive red rock map

Be advised that the Scenic Drive road is not open 24 hours a day. In fact, in winter, it closes at 5 pm. Check the park’s website for information on the Scenic Drive hours for the dates of your visit.

Red Rock Canyon is one of the top activities away from the Vegas strip. If you’re into the outdoors, you should definitely stop by!

Can You Take Uber to Red Rock Canyon?

Yes! It is possible to take Uber or Lyft from the Vegas strip all the way to Red Rock Canyon as of 2020. However, your driver will most likely drop you off at the visitor center, so you won’t have the freedom to drive all around and explore the park. You’ll be limited to that immediate area. Expect close to an hour walk to get to any of the other more cool spots.

On top of that, you have to figure out a way to get back to the city, which means you’ll have to call another Uber. Many people don’t have cell service once they reach the park, which means you could find yourself stranded and unable to hail a ride back.

In early 2020, I had a friend who visited Red Rock Canyon via Uber, and he did have service to get a ride back to Vegas. But it’s risky because you may not have service.

As for cost, he paid about $30 each way, which is quite expensive. For most people, it would be cheaper to just rent a car for one day and drive out there. So I wouldn’t recommend taking rideshare to the canyon unless you have a backup plan.

red rock canyon vegas day trip

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