September Links: Hawaii Biking, Cheap Vegas, and Gum Walls

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Hey everyone, it’s time for that monthly recap thing. Stay tuned, because October on the blog is going to feature lots of good stuff. There’s the story of a wild deer I used to feed by hand, my first Quirky Attraction post about the state of Alabama, and a photo essay composed entirely of photographs of photographers. There’s also an edgy post about a legendary actress that people will find either funny or wildly inappropriate. We’ll have to wait and see.

Plus, my Featured Travel Destination for the month is San Diego, one of the most awesome cities in America. We’ll go in depth on the city’s ocean and surfing culture, its vibrant neighborhoods, the world-famous zoo, and some other cool places to hang out.

My own travels in October will take me back home to Pittsburgh for a bit, and then on to Philadelphia and Washington. D.C. Get ready for Instagram overload.

Here’s what kept me busy reading in the month of September.

Featured personal link:

Trapped: Stuck inside the Mall of America for 12 hours

I try to spend an entire day on the largest mall in the country from open to close. Follow along as I attempt to retain my sanity and avoided getting arrested as a suspected terrorist.

September travel links of interest:

The Travel Chica: My First World Problems

Stephanie presents a great perspective on how the little things that bug us, like not being able to find wifi and inconvenient department store hours, are really no big deal when compared to the rest of the world. And she solicits opinions from some other big names in the travel blogging world on other first world problems. We are very lucky indeed.

Land Lopers: How Not to Bike Down a Volcano in Hawaii

Add this to the list of things I need to do when I finally make it to Hawaii. Matt takes a bike ride with a company that provides bikes individually named for various Phish songs. Cool! With trepidation, he careens down a volcano around hairpin turns through some beautiful terrain. It sounds like an amazing experience.

Pommie Travels: How to do Las Vegas on the Cheap

From hotels to food to shows to drinks to transit, Victoria has all the angles covered when it comes to seeing Vegas on a budget. Believe it or not, there are even some free things to do there. You don’t have to be a high roller after all!

Tanama Tales: The Grossest Place in San Luis Obispo

Gross? Yes. But fantastically awesome too! Ruth writes about one of the quirkiest places around, Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California. It’s a 70-foot-long alley that has somehow become a place where people come and affix chewed gum to the walls. The unsanitary tradition has continued even though officials have tried to clean it up over the years.

Matador Network: What’s Different About Me Now: An American in Chile

A thought-provoking essay in which Eileen reflects on cultural differences and how she has changed after several years living in Chile. The slower pace and groupthink are two obvious areas where Chilean society is much different than in the U.S. How much does travel change you? This piece is a good starting point for examining that issue.


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