Photo Teaser #40: Arrogant state slogan

photo teaser 40

“The way life should be?” This welcome sign is pompous and arrogant. I like it!

I’ve hidden the name of the state. Can you guess which state believes it has made utopia a reality? The answer may surprise you.

Find the solution under teaser #40 in the Photo Teaser Answer Key.

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  1. I checked out the answer and gotta tell you – I’ve never been there, but I did see a movie on a plane that claimed this state has the best water. People on the movie supposedly tasted water from various states (supposedly without knowing which state the water came from) – and this state was the winner of tastiest water!

    1. Oh that’s interesting. I would have assumed Montana or Colorado or one of the mountain states would have the best water, but I’ll have to test out that theory when I go back!

  2. To me the slogan has religious connotations but then I looked up the state and that doesn’t really jive – at least in my mind. Actually quite interesting to see the one liners for not just states but cities and towns too,

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