Visiting the UFO Museum in the Alien-Crazed Town of Roswell, New Mexico

Home of the UFO Museum, Roswell, New Mexico is famously known for being the location where aliens supposedly landed in 1947. Many books and movies and commentaries have been written about the place detailing all the theories about the ET spacecraft that was said to have gone down in the desert.

But what is Roswell like now? I decided to find out.

Roswell, New Mexico: Full of alien-themed shops

Not of this world cafe roswell alien shops

Not surprisingly, the town attracts a lot of tourists, so the businesses and restaurants in Roswell cater to them by playing into the interstellar theme. You’ve got your “Not Of This World” coffee shop (above.)

And even the local Arby’s welcomes aliens. Why not try an intergalactic roastburger?

arbys roswell aliens

You’ll find plenty of gift shops selling UFO souvenirs. Get your Roswell souvenirs and trinkets to take home and impress your friends!

alien souvenirs roswell

Some even sell inflatable aliens, in case you long for an alien to cuddle up with at night. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you.

alien inflatables roswell gift shop

Visiting the UFO Museum in Roswell

Officially called the International UFO Museum and Research Center, Roswell’s UFO Museum attempts to inform and entertain visitors about the history of alleged alien activity in the area. I’ll say it flat out: This place is not good.

UFO Museum

It does a lousy job of telling the story of the alien landing. Most of what’s on display are just old newspaper clippings, posted on peg boards that look like they came from K-Mart in the 1970s.

ufo museum display

Honestly, I could put together a better museum than this in a week’s time. There should be multimedia displays, interactive exhibits, giant posters listing the possible explanations for the UFO reports… but instead the place seems like a glorified gift shop.

That’s fine, I suppose. People really want those Roswell souvenirs. Make sure to get your $3 green golf balls with an alien logo before you leave! The gift shop also sells alien-themed coffee mugs, koozies, mouse pads (yes, still, even in 2019), socks, luggage tags, vanity license plates, magnets, keychains, and more.

Only one UFO museum exhibit caught my attention, and that was the actual alien from the 1994 Showtime movie ‘Roswell.’

roswell UFO museum movie alien

Admission to the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell costs only $5. There’s a reason it’s so cheap! If you do find yourself in the city, you might as well stop by. The Roswell alien museum is worth seeing – just don’t expect too much.

You can find the UFO Museum at 114 Main Street. It’s approximately 90 minutes from Carlsbad Caverns National Park, three hours from White Sands National Monument, and three hours from Albuquerque.

15 thoughts on “Visiting the UFO Museum in the Alien-Crazed Town of Roswell, New Mexico”

  1. It was just swamp gas! But seriously, I’d love to check out places like Roswell and Area 51. I never believed the Roswell weather balloon story, especially with how many times it changed. I heard that at one time, you could climb up one of the mountains around Area 51 and you could actually look at the base through a telescope, but in recent years, the government took over the entire mountain so now there’s no way to actually see what’s going on.

    1. You can’t see Area 51 from any mountain in New Mexico, Area 51 is in Nevada. People often confuse the Original Roswell Air Base . Two completely different things. The airbase was just a secure area until everything could be transported to Area 51.

  2. We’re visiting Roswell now. Roswell is definitely an intriguing site to entertain our Alien and UFO interests.

  3. I so want to go. I was a big x-file fan and got into some other alien sci-fi shows a bit. The last photo of the naked alien on the operating table is so freaky. Oh and why are aliens always naked??

      1. aliens are real because if they wouldnt exist why would the universe be so big ,us humans can only last so long in space . i think there real besides why do we see circles with lights on them floating around ) besides they saved our planets and take or cows and ducks

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