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Here’s a map showing a portion of my travels over the past few years, covering the 48 lower states. The map doesn’t include all of my travels, just the two biggest excursions.

The red line represents my spring/summer 2009 four-month road trip. Start in Pittsburgh and follow the route south. The blue line represents my summer 2010 road trip sponsored by Sears. For more details check out My experience in the Sears Exploring My America program.

Upcoming Quirky Travel Guy trips:

Confirmed: Los Angeles (January 2013), Ohio (Columbus/Cleveland, April 2013), Toronto (June 2013)

Possible: Mexico City, Detroit, San Antonio, Indianapolis/Louisville, Kansas City

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21 comments on “Where I’ve Been

  1. If you like quirky then you need to come to Winston-Salem and see our old Shell station that’s actually shaped like a shell. It’s all closed up but you can look for free. My boys and I went and got pictures there.

  2. Love your site. I’ve spent the last 6 years doing US road trips and have a chart on my wall marking all the states I’ve covered (A few people have told me that’s a bit sad!) It’s a bit more difficult for me from the UK, but glad to have seen so much of the US. This year I’m heading to the Gulf Coast. Tell me, how have you posted your map with the routes on it – was that Google Maps?

  3. …went on a route 66 trip last fall. Lots of ” quirks ” visited. Love your site and glad I bumped I to it. Keep posting!

  4. Keep up the good work ~ I’m retiring in Jan. 2012 and tentatively planning on a road trip, eventually making my way to Kennesaw, GA and Montezuma (sp?), GA where I have 2 cyber-friends I intend to visit. I want to visit Amish country (grew up in nc PA but we never went there for some strange reason). I live in so. CA.

    • That sounds cool, good luck with the road trip! I’m actually planning a trip to Amish country in Indiana for 2012. We’ll see how that goes!

      • Don’t know what you have planned but if you plan on doing a lot of hiking, it would be best to come later in the summer. Its been a really harsh winter and I bet the snow will be around longer than normal, especially with the amount of snow we’ve had this winter!

        • It looks like the last week of June is my target date. I want to go early so I can write about it in early July and provide information for those going to Alaska later in the summer.

          • Makes sense, this place is crawling with tourist in the summer.. when you come I’ll buy you a coffee.. if you drive through Wasilla

  5. Can’t tell for sure from your line – did you make it to Crater Lake in Oregon? Phenomenal place for a swim. Second only perhaps to Lake Powell. Scott, did you make it through southern Utah on a separate trip? That is one of my all-time favorite slices of the world, and comes with the greatest road ever to go for a sunset drive: Route 128 south from I-70 into Moab.

    I just stumbled across your work here Scott. Looking forward to finding out 9 things i dont know about the grand canyon.


  6. Ever thought of coming to the UK?… We have quirkyness by the bucket load over here 😉

    With a bit of luck I should be in the US end of March for research on my novel, starting in Portland, Maine, then off to Arizona / New Mexico and not sure where else yet. Think I need to read through all of your journeys get some ideas.

    • Sure, I can’t wait to make it over there once it is in my budget. Maine is an interesting place to start. Most travelers don’t make it up that far so you should get some unique experiences to start off with.

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